Red living room ideas – original and eye catching interior designs

Red living room ideas red and grey living room interior white chair

Red is a powerful color and many people find it extravagant and difficult to use in home interiors. It is associated with power, strength and energy. It symbolizes passion and excitement, love and fire, it can be inspiring and attractive. We shall show you some red living room ideas where the color of passion has been used creatively and with good taste.


Red living room ideas – how to use a powerful color in interior design


living room design ideas red living room ideas red walls white carpet

The red color in the interior of the living room will never be unnoticed. It immediately attracts the eyes and the attention of the viewers. Despite that the color is complex, the red living room ideas in the gallery below will show you how to use it so that it adds to the elegance and the style of the home. Like any other color, the red palette offers a variety of shades which differ in their intensity – scarlet red, burgundy, crimson red, cherry, fire, carmine, cardinal red and dark red-brown. Muted shades create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness in the living room. Depending on the result you want to achieve, you can choose a deeper or a lighter shade of red and of course, you can combine it with other colors. If you decide to use the red color in the living room as a basic color, it is necessary to take into account that it is not suitable for small spaces. It is better to use it on one wall which will be your accent wall.


Red living room ideas – color combinations


red living room ideas red wall color red leather sofa gray accent wall

One of the best combinations is red and white. These two colors could be quite remarkable and will work for each and every style. Red could be used as an accent for certain furniture pieces or elements. White might be the dominant color in the interior, because it makes the room wider and brighter and will make your home look lively. If you want to use a passionate red as a basic color in the living room, you can choose a more oriental style for your interior. There are lots of original red living room ideas, so you should not be afraid to experiment and express your individuality.



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