Our recommendations for your kitchen lighting

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Our recommendations for your kitchen lighting

We all know that speaking of kitchen we are aware that there is a good recipe for everything – for a great meal, for the perfect family lunch, for a fantastic dinner, a funny birthday party, of good mood and warm atmosphere and even of the most appropriate lighting for your own kitchen. Our recommendation for your kitchen lighting remind of the tips your mother gives to you when it comes to cook and maintain the household – be practical, do everything with love and aesthetics and stick to the budget you have.

Extravagant kitchen interior lighting

The worst thing you can do and be wrong by all means is to install only one lighting set in the whole kitchen. The point is that most housekeepers think that this is enough for the whole interior design in the kitchen. Well, it is not. It is not practical, from one side, and it is not beautiful, either, on the other one. So, dear, housekeepers, please, do forget the only one retro chandelier in your kitchen, remove it, throw it or make a new minimalistic decoration from it for you lovely and eccentric living room instead.

Strong minimalist kitchen


Install the main lighting set in the kitchen in the place where you eat, if you do not have a spare premise for a dining room and there is a combo between a dining room and kitchen at your home, or place it above the kitchen box where you cook, do the dishes and prepare for serving an enormous dinner for your entire family. Choose some simple and classic lamp in order to avoid banishing the whole interior design in the kitchen. Choose some minimal decorative hanging lamps for the place near the kitchen table or the kitchen plot. They can be, either, retro and Baroque or, some minimalistic designer original interpretations for home illumination. Install the properly and do not forget to put the all lights on while having some nice meal with your guests – show what you have got, do not be shy, be proud of your perfect job of a housekeeper.

Minimalist kitchen lighting


The last recommendation for your kitchen lighting is to install a mini compact lamp next to the sink. Trust me, this will save your eyes! We all know at least five people in our lives that can be called the worst guests in the world – staying after midnight and wishing for your awesome new made cookies. After them you feel exhausted and tired, but the kitchen does not need to suffer for these annoying people and be left dirty and not cleaned. The decorative lamp on the sink will cheer you even up if you pick up some neon – blue or funny green – nuance for the artificial lights.

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Stylish kitchen lighting


Stylish kitchen lighting

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