Lighting in the living room


Contemporary chandelier in living room

We usually spend the biggest amount of your time at home in the living room.

This is the room, where the household masters can rest, watch television, or have guests over. That’s why it should be well lit. Daylight should be utilized to its full potential using French windows and appropriately selected colours, which would help make the room seem brighter. Synthetic lighting can be shared, local, or accenting. Shared lighting comes from a common pendant light fitting, such as the chandelier, or from equally spread light sources on the ceiling, with its help, all activities can be carried out – games, reading, visits.

Incandescent light bulb design


Incandescent light bulb design by Ingo Maurer

Accenting lighting draws the attention to a specific object – the fire-place, the television set, and everything else, which the home masters may want to be a centre piece. For this purpose, bracket lamps, spot lights, or built in lighting over the object in question can be used. Special lighting is targeted at places, used for studying, writing, or playing games. For this purpose, desk lamps or lampions can be used. Incandescent light bulbs are very suitable, as they create a beautiful sparkle and help make the atmosphere unique.

Living area with LED Light

To achieve a unique style of lighting in the room, moonlike lights, charged from a special transformer, can be placed. More effective, however, are LED systems, which can be built in the floor or ceiling, since they are extremely thin. They can be either square or round in shape. Some of them can change colour, ranging between all the colours of the rainbow, and thus the room can look more attractive. Through light, an optical illusion for the place’s size and height can be achieved. In order for the ceiling to look taller, wall up lighters can be placed, as they throw a ray of light on the ceiling, which then reflects from it, making it appear taller.

Spherical pendant lamp


Spherical pendant lamp by Corbett Bangle

To make the room appear taller, pendant light fittings should be placed in its corners. A small up lighter can also be placed behind the flower pots. The lights will blend with the flower’s colours and make it look picturesque. The paintings, pictures and decoration on the walls can also be lit. For this purpose, small, round portable lamps can be used, which can be positioned in such a manner, that reflections on the glass would be avoided. With willingness and attention to detail, the living room lighting can not only be suitable for every activity, but also create a notion of cosiness and comfort.

Text by B. Angelov

Living room interior design


Contemporary living room interior design

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