Lighting in a studio flat

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Lighting in a studio flat


Modern lamp sculptures by Sicis

Lighting is an essential element of the general design configuration of a household. It should be carefully chosen, so as to create a feeling of comfort and cosiness. The rules for lighting a studio are the same as those for a standard household, but there are also some specifications. If the area is large, the lighting needs to be equally spread in the entire room. One option is to have built in lighting in a false ceiling. Another is to have a separate light source for every single area, placed in the middle of it, additional lighting will be necessary.

Elegant chandelier


Elegant chandelier by David Dimpiero

Appropriate for this purpose are bracket lamps, wall lamps, lampions and desk lamps. To avoid overcrowding the room with too many pendant light fittings, furniture with built in lighting should be bought. Apart from being practical, they also create a cosy atmosphere. If the area is scarce, there needn’t be separate lighting for every area, since the place would then look overcrowded and its general appearance wouldn’t be that good. Lighting, built in a false ceiling, or one chandelier would be enough in that case. The other zones can be lit by bracket lamps, wall lamps or lampions. A desk can be lit by portable lamps.

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