Chic and Innovative Lighting Solutions by ‘Atelier Sedap’ of France


Introducing environmentally friendly lighting designs by Atelier Sedap’.

 This highly creative studio offer exciting chic and innovative lighting solutions for the home and larger commercial premises.  The company is based in France and as would be expected the designers products are offered in a wide range of chic and elegant styles.  In addition their lighting

Innovative lighting solutions are essential to the success of any building project.


Lighting any building is now regarded as of primary importance rather than a secondary consideration.  So good designers and architects will determine what type of illumination is required at a very early stage in the architectural scheme.  Bearing this in mind ‘Atelier Sedap’ has created a range of modern lighting installations which is highly versatile and wonderfully unobtrusive.  Therefore, their exciting designs may be incorporated seamlessly into all forms of living and working spaces.  The studio believes that well appointed illumination gives life to a building and in actuality “reveals” the integrity and dynamics of fundamental structures and spaces.

The Essential Style of these Innovative Lighting Solutions is Pure Minimalism


Fully aware of changes in lifestyle trends and fashion preferences, ‘Atelier Sedap’ has created a comprehensive range of lamps, ranging from pendant lighting, spot lighting and illuminated architectural panels. This range of innovative lighting solutions provides a serious function but also enhances all living environments.  The underlying style adopted by the company is minimalist. Each unit, or series of lamps is sleek and uncluttered with the beauty lying in simple sculptural forms.  The general impression is of hi-tech modernism but also lighting that becomes one with the surrounding architecture.

What makes ‘Atelier Sedap’s Innovative Lighting Solutions So Different?


The most contemporary lighting technology is integrated in all ‘Atelier Sedap’ designs including LED strips, T5 fluorescent tubing and the new generation metal halide systems. But taking this a stage further, the studio has adopted a novel approach to using plaster for the outer skin of their innovative lighting solutions. The company has selected plaster as their primary manufacturing material, not just for its versatility and aesthetic qualities, but because they were searching for a new way to develop environmentally-friendly production methods. ‘Atelier Sedap’ state that

For centuries the properties of plaster have been highlighted: hygrometric regulation, fire resistance, soundproofing. It is now widely recognized as a harmless material according to health regulations and also environmentally-friendly.”

So in conclusion ‘Atelier Sedap’ offer a full range of innovative lighting solutions that are super stylish, cost effective and importantly, good for the environment.










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