Floor lamps design ideas for your modern home interior

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Floor lamps are integral part of the interior, when we talk about a homelike atmosphere. To read a favorite book in the soft light of an arched lamp – for many it is a picture associated with tranquility and happiness. As with any lighting fixtures, floor lamps are different, so you can use them for different purposes. The typical floor lamp is a lighting fixture with a lamp on a long stalk with a cloth or paper shade that fills the room with a soft, diffused light. Check out these 25 wonderful ideas for chic floor lamps designs that can completely change your interiors.

Floor lamps – how to choose them

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Floor lamps are not only an accessory for the home. They are perfect for rooms where the amount of light is insufficient and in addition they can be a portable light source. Most often, floor lamps are positioned near a chair or a sofa so that they could provide softer and brighter overhead light. When you decide to buy a floor lamp you need to choose the right style that will match the interior of your home. Before all you have to decide in which direction you want the light. There are lamps which send the light upwards or downwards towards the floor as well as adjustable models. The brightness is another thing you have to consider which means that you may opt for a one or more bulbs model and control the amount of light. This usually depends on the main purpose – do you want a floor lamp as a decoration and with a great aesthetic appeal or you prefer a more functional model.

Floor lamps types and their advantages

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Here are some quick words of advice for the different floor lamps types. Torchiers are one of the most popular and recognizable type of floor lamps. They require very little floor space and provide general light pointed upwards and the rays of light bounce off the ceiling. Tower floor lamps are the best choice if you want to have ambient lighting and their great advantage is that during the day they are a modern home accessory. Tower lamps are offered in a tremendous variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Arch lamps are perfect for reading and have a modern look. Console lamps are a timeless classic while an adjustable lamp will give you most flexibility if you would want to change the direction of light.


wood floor lamp modern living room lighting ideas

 Floor lamps add light and ambiance to any room

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Tower floor lamps have a great visual appeal

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 An adjustable floor lamp beside the daybed

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Beautiful tripod floor lamps in a modern living room

 trypod floor lamps living room design ideas

 Arched floor lamps are trendy and popular

modern living room lighting ideas arched floor lamp

 Floor lamps are a wonderful home accessory

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Floor lamp with minimalist design

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