Sublimely Beautiful Glass and Cut Glass lighting Systems


by Voltolina of Venice ( with workshops in Spain, Romania, Morocco and Tunisia)

“The Voltolina trademark is synonymous with Glass and Cut Glass.

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Regularly featured in leading international magazines, the stylish glass lighting systems produced in the Voltolina workshops speak of glamour, glitz and a movie star lifestyle.  Each twinkling creation is the product of years of design development that have links to the long Venetian history of decorative glass production.

Elegant Glass Lighting Systems with Historic and Dramatic Associations


Founding the company in 1984, the Voltolina brothers, adapted traditional skills and focused on producing the highest quality cut glass for intricate glass lighting systems.

Always aiming for the highest quality, their work can be seen in the most discerning interior design schemes. They have reached the pinnacle of success in this specialist field and are international market leaders.  Despite this acclaim, their workshops remain relatively modest in scale and the production of the glass lighting systems is still treated as a specialist craft.



Historic associations are clearly seen in many of the designs from flamboyant Rococo forms, the more stately Classical styles and atmospheric Gothic shapes.  Even more modern designs reflect glamorous styles such as Art Deco or the more recently fashionable revival of mid 20th century trends.

Flexible Glass Lighting Systems Adapt to all Interior Design Styles


An empty room with just a Voltolina chandelier in the centre will become a place of sublime beauty.  Imagine a myriad of finely cut glass droppers sending a play of dancing fragments of light across the walls and ceiling.  Equally the sculpted glass serpentine forms would create a breathtaking and elegant centerpiece.



The beauty of this type of lighting system is that each style could live comfortably in a range of interior design schemes.  Set against the clean lines of a Minimalist background, the glittering illumination would provide a fabulous visual contrast.  But for a more surprising effect, these refined glass lighting systems would look fabulous within more rustic, rough hewn surroundings.


Each item in the Voltolina catalogue has its own special appeal but all are things of beauty, for example the simple but theatrically fluid shape of the ‘Twister’, or the glitteringly regal ‘Innsbruk’, each design is a pure symbol of luxurious living.









by Jaz

Published by Dimitar Dimitrov
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