Fantastic Contemporary Directional Lighting


The ‘Paranoid Lamp’ created by designer Swann Bourotte for ‘Ligne Roset’ of France

How about this lamp design for a fantastically unusual addition to your contemporary home décor?  This is a highly innovative variation on the traditional angle poise lamp.  In fact, it is so attractive that you could be forgiven for thinking that it is a piece of modern sculpture without any particular practical purpose.  However the wonderful ‘Paranoid Lamp’ is infinitely useful, providing contemporary directional lighting to read or work by.  What a wonderful marriage of style and purpose.  This is one design from a series of three subtle variations created by Swann Bourette for ‘Ligne Roset’.

‘Ligne Roset’ are a long established international company that originated in France in the 19th century.  They are well known for their encouragement and collaboration with young ‘up and coming’ design practitioners.

Descriptions don’t do Justice to this Exciting Contemporary Directional Lighting.


The retail specifications describe the ‘Paranoid Lamp’ as a:

Flexible, directional reading light with black woven protective cover and 25 LED’s (22 000 mcd), equipped with a dimmer. Maximum height: 170 cm. Maximum possible width: 70 cm.

Or for the other version, the ‘Paranoid Lamp 2’

A flexible, directional reading light with black woven protective cover and a Gu 5.3 12V 6W LED bulb (12 LED’s, giving a concentrated lighting power of 150 Lumens, or the equivalent of a 25 W incandescent bulb).in addition

The 3 articulated spindles are equipped with decorative LED ribbons – 44 LED’s in total, giving a lighting power of 74 Lumens. Total consumption of reading light is 9.7 W.

Fantastic Contemporary Directional Lighting


There!  So you have all the information you need if you want to buy a lamp, but do you? Although informative these descriptions do nothing to articulate the true appeal of the ‘Paranoid Lamp’.  As seen in the photographs, there is something almost lifelike about each lamp (even zoomorphic). Put a group together and their sinuous forms seem to communicate with one another.  There is no limit to the way each lamp can be manipulated into wonderful curvilinear shapes.  When not illuminated a single lamp or a group of lamps makes a powerful sculptural statement which will add a dramatic focal point to your interior.  A ‘flock of lamps’ could be even more theatrical and of course multifunctional in providing numerous sources of useful directional lighting.

Contemporary Directional Lighting in wonderful curvilinear shapes


If you want to add even more design impact, Swann Bourette has also created a fabulous pendant light which is unusually named the ‘Jellyfish Lamp’.  This provides wonderful ambient overhead illumination to compliment the Contemporary Directional Lighting of the lively ‘Paranoid Lamps’. This is gorgeous lighting that can’t fail to enhance the modern home and lifestyle.

by Jaz


Contemporary Directional Lighting  – the lively ‘Paranoid Lamps’




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