Modern lighting – Wicker lamps collection

beautiful modern lighting wicker lamps

This incredible modern lighting solution, also referred to as Wicker lamps collection was first introduced a couple of years ago, but now CKR ( Claesson, koivisto rune)  have gone further and produced the different lamp pieces named “ chinita” , “bellota” and “medusa”.  The collection was officially presented this year at the London Design Festival by made in mimbre. Exceptional, beautiful and totally natural, these lamps are simply fantastic.

 Wicker lamps collection – modern lighting idea

wicker lamps collection modern lighting

This collection is simply a gorgeous example of modern lighting solution for both the indoors and outdoors. Bellota can be a perfect hanging lamp solution. It’s natural form is significant with its acorn-resemblance where one half of the lamp looks like an acorn cap or as a lid over the other part. The different sizes of bellota suspended lamps create a lovely lighting arrangement.

 Gorgeous , stylish modern lighting solution

beautiful medusa lamp idea

Medusa standing lamps are exceptional modern lighting – again appropriate for both – outdoors and indoors. The lampshade has a natural oval shape and it gets its name medusa (jellyfish) from the thin standing little legs that resemble the jellyfish. This lovely lighting solution is ideal for any contemporary home interior or the garden. The chinita sitting lamps has little “feet” that allow it to stand more stable. The lamp still has a distinctive oval shape which allows it to correspond and be part of any arrangements with the other two models. The chinita looks a lot like a little bug but in a very cute and elegant way. This wicker lamps collection create lovely romantic ambience and provides soft, intimate lighting that simply cannot be described with words. Gorgeous!

Stylish chinita lamp design 

gorgeous chinita lamps

Chinita with its bug-inspired design 

wicker lamp collection first presented stockholm

Bellota is offered in different sizes

beautiful modern lighting london festival 2013

Beautiful medusa – jellyfish inspired design 

stylish natural modern lighting idea

Exceptional materials used for the lamp-shade

incredible modern lighitng closeup

Wicker lamps  provide comforting soft lighting

modern lighting solution creative

Perfect for indoor and outdoor

beautiful stylish modern lighting idea

Bellota hanging 

beautiful outdoor lighting solution

innovative lighting solution nature inspired

gorgeous nature inspired lighting idea

medusa lamp design idea

wicker lamps design sketch

wicker lamps making

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