FloorLeaf lamp by Sofian Tallal – innovative and eco-friendly design


We present to you a new innovative project, the FloorLeaf lamp by – one part of the Nature Light collection. It is a creative floor lamp inspired by natural gardens and landscapes.

Its eco-friendly design inspires and is the perfect example of a perfect combination between functional and elegant decorative object.

FloorLeaf lamp – eco-friendly design



The gorgeous FloorLeaf lamp has a pull switch, that looks like a drop and the top light is a LED-lamp. The smaller leaves can be used as light to read and are a comfortable for everyone, who likes to cuddle with a book on the sofa. The project design of this modern lamp will be available in green, white, red/orange, bright green, purple and even yellow.

FloorLeaf lamp – modern and creative design for your home


The FloorLeaf lamp is going to be the first part of the new NatureLight Collection, and will be available for purchase and pre-ordering through online crowd funding website. In the following two months customers can order this innovative design. The production will start as long as the minimum orders are collected.

According to plan, this elegant design could reach the market in early 2013 – offering a splendid alternative for your home or office. Fresh ideas and bold colors define the new floor leaf lamp by Sofian Tallal!

More information under Sofian Tallal website

Great shape-floor LeafLamp design


FloorLeaf – color variations


FloorLeaf – Base


Eco freindly lamp design


Innovative lamp design by Sofian Tallal

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