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Are you looking for an indoor lighting solution for your home interior or office? If so these incredible artistic paper lamps are definitely the right thing for you. Take a look at their gorgeous, elegant look and that lovely ribbon which is obviously an exquisite finish of the overall romantic look. These artistic paper lamps create lovely intimate settings where necessary and can be excellent light solution if you want to relax your eyes, or read under a warmer and healthier light. They are simple, beautiful, elegant and will go with any type of traditional or contemporary interior.

Creative, stylish, and elegant indoor lighting solution

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This indoor lighting idea is not just a decorative or ornamental, they are perfectly practical. You can use them literarily everywhere. They are light-weight, which means they are easily rearranging. Their gorgeous look will allow them to enlighten the atmosphere in your bedroom or living room. Imagine having such a great bedside lamp? You would suddenly feel the urge to spend more time there, and it will instantly become your favorite place in your home. So it is probably a good idea, to have a couple more of these around in your house.

Beautiful stylish artistic paper lamp with lovely ribbon

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You need entertainment indoor lighting? Well, the paper art lamps are ideal for that. They create soft lighting which is perfect for a party or watching a movie. There is also another side to these small little, lovely fireflies – they are amazing for meditation, you can use them instead of candles. Arrange them beautifully in your living room and you will have the perfect environment for meditation or pure relaxation. As you can see they are not only elegant, gorgeous and chic, they are extremely practical for all kinds of different occasions. We can’t say that about every lamp design that comes our way, so these are definitely a lovely artistic reminder, that when you design something with love and passion it really becomes a masterpiece.

Pick the ribbon that suits your interior best

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High quality artistic paper lamps

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Light-weight paper lamps

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Chic and beautiful white paper lamp with red ribbon

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Creates intimate soft lighting

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The best lighting solution if you want something softer and more relaxing

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Ready for a meditation?

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