The antler chandelier as a highlight in any interior decoration

Rustic kitchen decorative deer antler chandelier modern decoration element

Are you looking for ideas how to add a really spectacular highlight in your home decor? How about an antler chandelier? These are no longer a traditional trophy for hunting enthusiasts. Antler chandelier designs are most commonly seen in homes when owners want to create a theme area and have a stunning focal point. We have collected 25 creative and unique designs for you.

Deer antler chandelier for lovers of original design and home accessories

home accessories antler chandelier rustic style

Deer antler chandeliers are already seen in various interior styles – from traditional rustic country house, to modern style. Antler chandeliers have a warm, rustic charm and the size and shape of the design depends on the age of the deer, elk or other species. Real antlers are limited in quantity as deer shed their antlers once a year. Modern deer antler chandeliers are not necessarily made of true animals’ antlers – faux antler chandeliers made of metal and plastic in different colors are quite trendy.

Antler chandeliers have a unique character and beauty

Beautiful white antler chandelier modern kitchen

The natural color and shape of our real shed antler chandeliers turn each chandelier into a work of art. Even faux antler chandeliers have a rustic yet sophisticated look. It’s a perfect look for family gathering spaces, entry halls or dining rooms and even bedrooms. When choosing an antler chandelier you need to carefully consider the size of the room and then find a chandelier that would fit best and not look like an enormous pile of antlers hanging from your ceiling. There is one thing for sure – an antler chandelier, genuine or faux, is an immediate eye catcher in any room.

white antler chandelier dining room design idea

 Stunning antler chandelier in the hallway

spectacular antler chandelier home entryway

 Rustic living room interior

Rustic living room stone fireplace round antler chandelier

 Natural materials in the dining room

Rustic living room design wood table antler chandelier

 A family room in a mountain house

Rustic family room spectacular antler lighting fixture design

 A beautiful antler chandelier design

Kitchen design rustic style wood cabinets dining furniture antler chandelier

kitchen design decoration ideas deer antler lighting fixture dining table

kitchen decorating ideas deer antler chandelier ceiling beams

dining room lighting ideas white antler chandelier

Dining room design round table antler chandelier

Dining room decorating ideas antler hanging chandelier

Deer antler lamp decoration modern home interiors bedroom

decorative deer antler lighting fixture interior highlight home office

Decorative antler lighting fixture rustic porch design

decorative antler chandelier ideas round shape home lighting ideas

Contemporary dining room design antler chandelier lighting ideas

contemporary bedroom decorating ideas antler lighting fixture

antler lighting fixture home accessories decorating ideas

antler lighting fisture chandelier ideas rustic style interior


antler lighting fixture ideas bathroom decoration chandelier idea


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