Modern Lighting – Frank gehry’ fish lamps

soft glowing fish sculptures frank gehry

This incredible modern lighting solution may look amazing in the museum but it can definitely suit your home interior or a public place just as well. The so called “Fish lamps” are designed by the talented architect Frank Gehry, and they were first created in 1983. Today, these lamps are not just lighting solutions they are artwork – sculptures that have become something like Gehry’s signature. They are famous all over the world, as they have been exhibited in interior design capitals like Bilbao, Chicago, LA and Paris.

 Modern lighting – glowing fish sculptures

modern light gehry incredible fishlamps

Today these notable sculptures that are also a lovely modern lighting idea are displayed in Gagosian Gallery. They have gathered great interest not only from design experts but also from customers. You can see that they are different fixing for each lamp – some are gathered together like a cluster of fish others are individually displayed, some are fixed to the wall or poles, others are displayed horizontally on a surface. What they have in common is the beautiful, realistic fish form, the soft lighting glow and of course the beautiful design by Gehry.

 Incredible works of art

modern lighting solutions incredible fishlamps ideas

This modern lighting idea can be a lovely addition to a contemporary or modern interior. Some of the lamps are more appropriate for vast-expansive spaces, but others can complement smaller compact areas. These fish lamp sculptures will definitely become the focal point in your room, as every visitor gasps at the sight of these magnificent masterpieces. You may see from the pictures that they are usually exhibited or arranged in galleries and museums but that is because these sculptures are simply designed to be shown to the world.

They come in every size and are appropriate for different interior setting

lovely fish design idea creative solution

Modern glowing fish lighting idea

incredible design lighting solution

Stunningly beautiful wall decoration and lighting solution 

frank gehry wall lamp creative solution

Glowing fish modern lighting ideas displayed in a gallery

Gehry fishlamp design creative modern lighting

Incredible glowing sculpture by Frank Gehry

frank gehry amazing fish sculpture soft lighting

stylish glowing fish sculpture

beautiful amazing frank gehry modern light design

creative lovely fish lamp design

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