Functional home office lighting ideas – best office lighting options

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Nowadays more and more people work at home and take advantage of modern connectivity. Designing and furnishing a home office may seem an easy task as many people think that a desk or a working table is good enough to do their job. We will show you the importance of light and some great and functional home office lighting ideas which will help you choose the best lighting.


Home office lighting ideas – how to choose the best light source?


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There is no better light source than natural light. You just need to use it in the right way. There are many clever home office lighting ideas which will allow you to take advantage of daylight. Placing the desk near a window is the most obvious one. If you have roof windows or a skylight, this is a better option, as the light is evenly distributed and this is the best light for reading both on screen and on paper.


Home office lighting ideas – artificial lighting

home office lighting ideas wall lighting unique office chairs

When there is not enough natural light, then choosing the right artificial lighting becomes very important. Many home office lighting ideas feature combined overhead and task lighting. Recessed lighting is combined with chandeliers and task lighting will provide the best illumination so that you can work in a good environment. There are some simple rules which will help you arrange you home office lighting in an effective way. Put the lamp on the other side of the hand with which you work to have fewer shadows when you write or read. Change the angle of the PC screen so that the light does not fall directly upon it. Make sure that the desk lamp illuminates the entire work surface and you can direct the light where you need it.


wall lighting modern home office ideas wooden furniture

 Task lighting under the wall shelves

Under shelf lighting home office lighting ideas recessed lights

 A pendant over the desk

small home office lighting ideas overhead lighting pendant

 Home office design with task lighting

Natural lighting wall sconces home office lighting white furniture

 Modern pendant lighting fixtures

modern home office overhead lighting pendant lamp

 An oversized chandelier

modern home office lighting ideas oversized pendant chandelier

 Ceiling, floor and desk lighting in the home office

home office lighting ideas wall lighting overhead lighting wood furniture

 An artistic home office design

home office lighting ideas recessed lighting desk lamp home office furniture

Modern home office with white furniture

contemporary home office white furniture task lighting

home office lighting ideas under cabinet lighting desk lamp

home office lighting ideas large pendant lamp natural light

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