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The term ‘chandelier’ is associated with opulence and splendour, but the very earliest candle chandeliers were made to a much humbler design.  They were simply built usually in the form of a wooden cross.  Sharp metal spikes were hammered into this for multiple candles to be secured onto.  Suspended from a chain attached to a roof beam the chandelier would have illuminated many a mediaeval lord’s banquet.  Its fascinating to think that the gorgeous modern chandelier lighting range featured here, with many examples complex and intricate in style, have all evolved from this relatively basic design.

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More sophisticated and decorative forms of the chandelier started to emerge in the 15th century.  These became popular in royal palaces as well as aristocratic and wealthy households in northern Europe.  The chandelier became a symbol of luxurious living due to the high cost of burning so many candles. Owning a chandelier became a significant status symbol as it was associated with great wealth.  Luckily today modern chandelier lighting is powered by electricity and no more expensive to use than any other light fitment.

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The modern chandelier lighting shown here ranges from simple to ultra ornate, all of these designs will have interesting historic associations.  The most elaborate modern chandelier lighting designs are likely to relate to the 18th century when cast ‘ormolu’ designs became the height of fashion.  This style was complex and flamboyant with multiple curved branches supporting vast numbers of candles. At this time additional decorative elements were attached including floral or leaf forms and lead crystal droplets to scatter the light into fascinating forms.

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So once a magnificent focal point in the interior design of palaces and stately homes and affordable only for the most wealthy, the fabulous chandelier is now available to all.  The popularity of modern chandelier lighting is indisputable.  Once again the height of fashion the chandelier is now incorporated into all styles of interior designs. With designs to suit all budgets chandeliers are affordable to anyone who wants one.  However, if you are fabulously wealthy of course you may still choose to pay a small fortune for a superbly handcrafted crystal version or an original antique like the world’s largest chandelier. This was a gift from Queen Victoria and is to be found in the ‘Dolmabahce Palace’ in Istanbul.  This remarkable work of art has a total of 750 lamps and weighs a staggering 4.5 tons.  Sorry to disappoint though, this one’s not for sale!

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Modern Lighting ideas

arturo alvarez silicone Pendant lamp

crane lamp by matt downer

hood lamp by form us with love

hood lamp by form us with love

ropes lamps by christian haas

aura lamp by oceane delain and beatrice durandard

ink by ramon esteve for vibia

twisted lights by erwin-zwiers

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