Globally Influential Contemporary Italian Lighting Designs by Fontana Arte


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Fontana Arte has been illuminating contemporary interiors since the first half of the 20th century.  The company’s Italian roots and long history have established Fontana Arte as pioneers in the field of elegant contemporary lighting design.


Globally Influential Contemporary Italian Lighting

Designs by Fontana Arte of Italy

Modern lamp design by Fontana Arte


Producing designs for the top end of the market, the lighting featured here is exceptional in quality and style.  This influential trend was first established by the prestigious art director Gio Ponti who created what could only be described as a range of modern design classics.

Enduring Historic Designs Define Contemporary Italian Lighting Collection

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What is distinctive about the Fontana Arte lighting collection is that it retains the best examples of designs produced since the 1930’s.  If you really want to indulge a passion for the genuinely vintage then this is the place to shop.  Lamp designs originally produced in the 1950’s and 60’s, such as Bis/Tris and Globo di Luce take their place alongside examples from the 1980’s through to the 21st century.  The enduring popularity of the older styles is testament to the exceptional quality of this company’s artistic realization combined with superb craftsmanship.


 Fabulous Contemporary Italian Lighting

Contemporary Italian lighting designs

The full range includes sensational lighting for all purposes ranging from table lamps, ambient wall lighting, directional work lamps, sophisticated standard lamps and tasteful pendant fittings.   This unique range of contemporary Italian lighting provides illumination solutions for all situations and all styles of home, office or commercial building.  Being able to match lighting styles to specific time periods is a bonus for designers working with historically inspired interiors.


Contemporary Italian Lighting Influences Global Trends

Italian lighting designs by Fontana Arte

In every creative field there are originators and there are imitators.  This appears to be the case in the Fontana Arte story.  When you first glance at this contemporary Italian lighting collection you could be forgiven for thinking that its just another range of streamlined lamps similar to countless others available in leading stores.  To an extent this is approaching the truth, until you stop and think.  It is pioneering companies like Fontana Arte who first embraced modernist trends and combined these with the creation of revolutionary lighting designs

It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so in the field of contemporary lighting manufacture, Fontana Arte must be glowing with pride.


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