Modern design floor lamp – OCTOPUS

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Modern design floor lamp – OCTOPUS


OCTOPUS Modern design floor lamp LED Corian® Floor lamp by Giancarlo Zema


Get some modern design floor lamp, so the world around you could be fresher and lighter.  If you are a person, who seeks for perfection in your life and in your home, you must be aware that the illumination is a really important part of home organization, decoration and arrangement. To be a little bit more specific and not that pathetic, let me tell you that this modern design floor lamp can make the world around look really fresh, cool and nice. It is a futuristic floor lamp that will make your interior design more contemporary and original.

Giancarlo Zema has designed this modern design floor lamp DuPont™ Corian® for LumineXence. There are four amazing versions of this modern design lamp actually, so according to the color scheme of the room you are picking it for, you may choose an electric green one, a stunning pink, a seaside blue or some really fresh orange futuristic floor lamp. As a matter of fact, taking them all, will not be a mistake, either – if you dare to live in such a light and colorful world.

OCTOPUS Modern design floor lamp


OCTOPUS Modern design floor lamp LED Corian® Floor lamp by Giancarlo Zema

Giancarlo Zema`s modern design floor lamp comes with a dynamic RGB LED technology, remote control, 210 cm height and 35 cm in diameter as parameters. The futuristic floor lamp has an original form, flashing color shade and the ability to be the best addition to a minimalist room – it does not matter whether it is a bedroom with a strange bed, a living room with vanguard decors or a kitchen with all colors in the furniture, walls and ceiling.

Check out how this modern design lamp suits to any part of your room. The secret actually is to put the futuristic floor lamp among your home interior design in a premise with, either simple and plain atmosphere, or in a room where all the colors are uniting. The lamp can be a perfect combination with all kind of wicked decors. Moreover – it is high enough to light your world and make your mood brighter.


LED Corian® Floor lamp , Design by Giancarlo Zema

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