Glass Lighting Fixture Design by La Murrina

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La Murrina is a famous Italian company specializing in exquisite glass lighting fixture design. It started out in the sixties as a small glass factory producing a limited number of precious blown glass objects created by a group of glass masters. This continued until 1974 when a Milan family interested in the production of light fittings bought the company and gradually turned it into the well-known and loved chandelier producer it is today.

Modern Glass Lighting Fixture Design

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Being a company with a 50-year old history La Murrina has established and carried on its traditions in glass production into the modern times. Its distinctive glass lighting fixture design is a result of the hard work of skillful professionals who have mastered the techniques of glass making. They use different methods to create separate types of glass objects according to the effect that they want to achieve. Every piece is shaped under very high temperature when it can undergo various manipulations such as blowing, stretching and cutting until it becomes cold and turns into a precious object. The glass lighting fixture design is a slow complex process that requires patience and depends on the skill and agility of the masters.

Glass Lighting Fixture Designs for Modern Home

Modern glass lighting fixture

La Murrina currently has a rich collection of light fittings, including a great variety of interesting stylish designs created to suit different tastes. The abundant collection is divided into 5 different styles each with its own distinctive features. There are the Classic, New Classic, Contemporary and Venetian styles that have a reference to the respective styles in architecture and there is also the Designer style which represents the more eccentric and special glass lighting fixture designs in the collection. Each style offers different types of pieces suitable for separate parts of the room, like chandeliers for the ceilings, scones for the walls and free-standing lamps for the floors. With such a wide variety one can easily transform completely his/her room and make it a wonderful place with La Murrina’s great design.

La Murrina Glass Lighting Fixture Designs

Modern lightings design ideas by La Murrina

 Luxury Lamp Designs Ideas by La Murrina

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Stylish Chandelier Design by La Murrina

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Classy Glass Lighting Fixture Design

Modern chandelier by La Murrina

Venetian Style Chandelier Design by La Murrina

Classy lighting fixture design by La Murrina

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