Stylish Creative lightings by Marcel Wanders


Creative lightings by Marcel Wanders

Produced by the Italian manufacturer FLOS, Macel Wanders’ pendant creative lighting has become very popular lately.

It made its debut via an internet retailer. As you can see it is very stylish and beautiful. Well even though its light is quite effective it is more likely to have a decorative function in a modern home, rather than simply be useful.

Discreet shape and sophisticated pattern lamp


Discreet shape and sophisticated pattern lamp – Creative lightings by Marcel Wanders

Well one of the interesting things about this creative lighting is that you can win the light, as well as 2,500$ with designs that will be uniquely designed for you and you can use the lamp in new surprisingly unique ways. The texture is modern stylish and very beautiful. Wanders’ imaginative mind has astonished us once again. Wanders’ lamps are very special.

Contemporary can can pendant light


Contemporary can can pendant light  Creative lightings by Marcel Wanders

You can always recognize his beautiful designs among the many other lamps. First of all the exceptional decorative design is definitely something that will give away that the lamp is another wonder by Wanders. His lightning creations are whimsy and have elements from the 18-th century complemented by beautiful modern decoration and a blow-out deactivation, you can check out his Dangerous Liaisons-ish lantern.

 Stylish Creative lightings by Marcel Wanders


Can Can pendant light design by Marcel Wanders

Wander dares you to try and copy this amazing decorative pattern and create a Can Can on your own. The best will get a big cash bonus – 2500$. You can brand it color it, carve it, you can do whatever you want – the limit is your wild imagination, all you have to do is create a wonder of lightning on your own. Be bold and accept the dare. Creating the world that surrounds you is one of the most desirable things one could ask to do. Being a designer isn’t enough, you have to be an artist. See your imagination come to life and dream. Wanders knows what one’s heart desires, it’s not just a lightning competition it’s a light within contest.

Can Can Pendant Light


Stylish Creative lightings by Marcel Wanders – Can Can Pendant Light

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