Chandeliers – wonderland by Willowlamp

Ballchain Chandeliers- Willowlamp

Gorgeous, innovative and spectacular – these are the three words that can describe the Custom Design and Installations by Willowlamp. These projects are some of the most innovative chandeliers design that are absolutely suitable for any type of interior and furnishing.

Custom Geometric  Chandeliers- Willowlamp

With their vividness and originality the chandeliers have become very desirable pieces for the customers, regardless if they are going to place them in their living rooms, lobbies or halls.

Modern Lighting and chandeliers by Willowlamp

Ballchain  Chandeliers- Willowlamp

A mixture of style, originality, creativity and appropriate usage of materials makes the chandeliers totally exquisite and, of course, we cannot overlook the exceptional artistry incorporated within them. The ballchain chandelier which is installed in a hotel in Foyer is created of different separated elements, incorporated in a frame made of steel. One of the greatest things about it is that the customer has the ability to control the lighting.

Custom Faraway Tree- Willowlamp Chandeliers

The Custom Faraway Tree is a wonderful recreation of pure elegance. It includes two overlapping branches. It includes 13 low voltage G4 halogen lamps that create a lovely ambiance through gorgeous glass balls.

Modern Lighting and chandeliers

Custom Geometric Chain Curtain lighting

The Custom Geometric Chain Curtain lighting is one of the most spectacular projects. It is made of copper and silver and is perfectly suitable for a large interior.

Custom Ngoma Chandeliers

The Custom Ngoma Chandelier captures the eye with its extended black chains that make every interior more futuristic and exceptional.

Custom Flower of Life - Willowlamp Chandeliers

The Custom Flower of Life is a magical chandelier. It creates an enchanting surrounding. It is also very delicate and elegant and can definitely suit as a center piece in a large hallway or lobby.

Custom Square Lantern

The Custom Square Lantern is composed of a couple smaller lanterns that are joined together in atrium creating an absolutely lovely ambiance. This chandelier is very delicate and beautiful, it is perfectly suitable for living rooms, halls or any other type of vast space.

Published by Dimitar Dimitrov