Interior design of modern kitchen


Modern minimalist kitchen interior

The modern kitchen has not only cooking but also social functions. It is a place for discussions during the morning coffee and evening aperitif. The kitchen is the rear of the house. Its design is directly dependent on the lifestyle of the family.

Modern wood kitchen


Wood as accent in the modern kitchen

Wood is a cornerstone of modern kitchen design. It is used in the manufacture of cabinets, countertops, flooring. Quality wood furniture are painted and lacquered panels and acquire their matt or glossy hue. The choice of color for kitchen cabinets depends on fashion trends, tastes and desires of home owners, their understanding of beauty. It must be consistent with the size of the room. If the kitchen is united with the living room, the colors of the furniture in different areas should be complementary. They may have one primary color with a few fresh emphasis. Other options are gradations or rely on contrast. The choice must be done carefully with an eye for detail. If you superimpose many colors, it is possible to experience side effects.

Contemporary kitchen cabinets


Contemporary oak wood kitchen cabinets

Good effect is achieved with the kitchen cabinets in natural wood color. The market offers a large selection of oak, beech, pine, cherry. Some people turn to exotic mahogany because of its strength and inspiration for luxury and style. In the modern kitchen furniture are made of different materials in various forms. Unconventional solution is to rely on glass. Table with glass top suggests ease of reference and makes the room spacious. Very successful is the combination of metal and chairs upholstered in leather. For more daring projects upholstery in bright colors-red, yellow, green.

Glass top kitchen table


Elegant kitchen with glass top table

Glass top kitchen table in various forms. There are models in a circle, oval, rectangle and square. The shape and size of the table is determined by the willingness of people and from where will be placed. It is necessary to provide sufficient distance between the table and chairs. Furniture with rounded top are more recent and customers usually prefer them. Are still sought and furniture with clean geometric shapes. It is assumed that they give symmetry of the room.

Modern wooden kitchen


Bright wooden kitchen design

It is wrong to assume that modern kitchen can be made only with expensive furniture. Recycling of beautiful old cabinets and sophisticated color accents at the appropriate place will make the room modern and comfortable.

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