Kitchens by Neff – the intelligent kitchens


Intelligent kitchens – when we hear of them, we may be a little be confused what exactly the reviewer means with the description. However, world of interior design ideas has increased in such a way recently that depictions and etiquettes such as intelligent, when we point a kitchen, is even very typical and ordinary. Intelligent kitchens are usually those kitchens, which incorporate in their bodies the elegance, the technological advance, and the simplicity of construction even to the most complex mosaic configuration.

Neff Kitchens – classic, contemporary, and intelligent kitchens


Neff is a company that has been recognized with the name of Neff Kitchens, as well, for the main reason that the team behind it specializes in kitchen designs and kitchen solutions. The company is formed by the extremely careful and diligent craftsman Paul Neff, who has a special attitude to the kitchen as a significant and obligatory premise in a home place. Since its beginning – in the middle of the 60s from the last century, the kitchens by Neff Company have been a tribute to the intelligent kitchens, which could come in both appearances – a modern one and a classical one.

Traditional and Contemporary intelligent kitchens by Neff


All the kitchens by the Neff Company are definitely corresponding to the description of intelligent. The innovations are perfectly collaborating with retro trends and classicism as a style, while the modern appearance in the meaning of luxury and splendor are balanced with functionality and efficiency. Though, the designers and workers in Neff Group are struggling for attracting the entire company, which is why they provide both – traditional and contemporary intelligent kitchens in an equally qualitative way.

Kitchen design with modern appearance


The traditional intelligent kitchens by Neff Company are represented by the Louis Philippe Collection. The collection simply sticks to the grace of refined products that are combined with sleek surfaces and cozy atmosphere. The fine conceptions are symbols of the French interior design world, where were actually the first directions of the Neff`s production pointed to. The authentic marqueterie and the antique decoration style are the main accents in these classical models for a kitchen premise.

Authentic decoration style


The contemporary intelligent kitchens, on the other hand, are created in the name of the most durable and modern materials that have been used in the industry for the past few years. The ash wooden constructions in these room interior design ideas are beautifully contrasting the steel surfaces and the general kitchen gadgets and appliances. The irregular shape of the kitchen box is stressed with the typical ebony black nuance.

Accessories for the intelligent kitchens


Neff Company gives you a simple choice – to create for you the entire kitchen premise by designing and furnishing it the way it will suit you best or let you organize and arrange the cooking premise by providing a large catalogue of single pieces of furniture and accessories. Whatever you choose, you should take a look good at the accessories for the intelligent kitchens that the team of Neff distributes.

Among the accessories we have mentioned and suggested, you will find several store solutions, designed in a modern and magnificent look – shelves, cabinets and even special compact hanging systems for the kitchen appliances. There are also amazing recommendations for the kitchen decoration such as cute drawers and wonderful scales for a healthy nutrition, correct recipe observance, and weigh regulation.


Traditional ornamented green kitchen


Elegant classical kitchen design


Interesting kitchen island form


Classical kitchen design-marble countertop


Big kitchen country style


Traditional cozy kitchen design


Multifunktional kitchen cupboards


Kitchen appliances by Neff


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