A dynamic modern kitchen design by Darren Morgan

Innovative modern kitchen design

aquathemed modern dynamic kitchen design

In this article we present to you an interesting and innovative modern kitchen design with a sense of dynamics. The kitchen is part of an unusual aquatic concept project created by Irish interior designer Darren Morgan. With his Dynamic Kitchen he wants to add a feeling of energy and liveliness in the often stiff modern kitchen space by creating a symbiosis between two different environments.

Contemporary kitchen design

Innovative modern kitchen design

Morgan’s modern kitchen design represents life itself and integrates nature into architecture. The design features large aquariums built in the kitchen as cabinets. The presence of water and a dynamic environment inside it adds certain magic to the whole space. From one point it is an unusual feature to have in your kitchen so it does make it feel unique and from another – it is an environment of its own that transfers its atmosphere to the entire room.

Dynamic modern kitchen

aquarium modern kitchen design

The designer of the modern kitchen design shares that his aim is also to achieve a new kind of relationship between owner and kitchen. He wants to make people feel their kitchen space much more personal and feel at home among the dynamics and liveliness of the place. All of those things Morgan manages to achieve without losing the kitchen’s functionality and the sense of modern kitchen design. He uses clean simple geometry and contrasting materials with a warm sense. White lacquer cabinet finishes, glass and wood unite to form the modern character of the kitchen.

Innovative dynamic modern kitchen

Dynamic modern kitchen design

The special elements of the design are the stunning 3 meter long aquarium behind the sink and an interactive lighting installation placed under the free-standing island. Using low energy LED technology the installation changes colors and so sets different moods in the room. This special feature has the power to transform the sense of the kitchen space and turn your modern kitchen design by Darren Morgan from relaxing daily place to an active fiery place at night.

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