Kitchen island lighting ideas – contemporary pendant lamps design

modern kitchen design amazing kitchen island lighting ideas glass pendant lamps

Modern kitchen pendant lamps look more like works of art. They embody a balance of functionality and style and become an essential part in the interior decor.

awesome kitchen island lighting ideas drum pendant lighting fixtures

Absolutely the same applies to the kitchen island lighting. The kitchen island is often the centerpiece of the kitchen design and the proper lighting enhances its presence and beauty.

modern kitchen island lighting designs contemporary pendant lighting fixtures

The market offers a huge variety of kitchen island lighting lamps and you can achieve impressive effects.

 Kitchen island lighting – keep the balance

contemporary kitchen lighting ideas modern chandeliers recessed lights

Kitchen island lighting fixtures can achieve a balance between the different elements of the interior, effectively highlighting the advantages of each one.

cool modern kitchens pendant lights for kitchen island

The kitchen is designed with a variety of materials and surfaces, shelves of various designs and the right choice of lighting is essential.

stylish kitchen lighting ideas modern chandeliers kitchen island ideas

Elegant and stylish, hanging from the ceiling modern pendant lamps can blend seamlessly in the kitchen design or stand out as a decorative element.

pendant lights for kitchen island modern kitchen lighting ideas

Neutral white lighting, for example, is perfectly reflected by metal surfaces, creating a sense of color continuity.


Kitchen island lighting as a decorative element in the interior

kitchen islands pendant lighting ideas kitchen island with seating

Very often kitchen island lighting is used as a decorative element in the interior adding a splash of color. Most of the designs in modern homes feature minimalist style and highly ergonomic shapes.

kitchen lighting ideas recessed lights orange pendant chandelier

This sometimes creates too formal atmosphere. Adding a few colorful pendant lamps helps to make the kitchen more friendly and welcoming.

kitchen islands pendant lighting fixtures modern kitchen interior design

Like in any other field of design, kitchen lighting follows its own rules. One of the most famous ones is “the rule of three” which means that each element of the design must be repeated three times to visually enhance its value.

elegant kitchen design kitchen lighting ideas modern pendant lamps

This rule is not to be followed blindly as the main goal in kitchen lighting is to achieve balance and functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Kitchen island lighting ideas open plan kitchen modern designs

Kitchen island lighting should provide maximum comfort to the home owner.

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pendant lights for kitchen island pink led lighting

modern pendants kitchen lighting ideas white kitchen design

modern kitchen island lighting contemporary white kitchen design

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