Wonderful White Kitchen Design: An East/West Fusion

By Darren Jones, Australian Kitchen Designer


Wonderful white kitchen design by Darren Jones

In this superb white kitchen design the fusion of western and eastern cultures is clearly evident and fundamental to the success of the whole.  Designer Darren Jones says “At the heart of Japanese design are the principles of minimalism, simplicity, space and order. Beauty lies in how simple and functional each design element is and how harmonious the overall effect. Incorporating these principles into the kitchen design required an exercise in control and attention to detail.”


Modern white kitchen design by Darren Jones

The key design considerations relating to this white kitchen design are simplicity & minimalism, subdued colour & texture and also diffused lighting. Darren Jones explores and utilizes the Japanese principle of “ma”, through his intelligent manipulation of space. This in turn becomes fundamental to the success of his white kitchen design. Light and airy, this kitchen is imbued with a sense of ease and serenity which is perfect for any working environment.  Along with this comes an ease of movement from one area to another which ensures a calm ambience within the room.  The space is cleverly defined by the use of a small suspended ceiling above a central island.


Contemporary white kitchen design by Darren Jones

In this way, by suggestion only, the traditional Japanese tatami wall has been adapted in this white kitchen design to ensure that physical boundaries do not become constraining.
This white kitchen design is the perfect union of form and function, with neither taking precedence. A ‘butler’s pantry’ has been incorporated to ensure that all appliances and other visual ‘clutter’, are kept out of sight and away from the main kitchen area. Sliding shoji doors, made from wood veneer and rice paper glass reflect the traditional Japanese style and provide the perfect divider between the two rooms in this white kitchen design.


White kitchen design by Darren Jones

Throughout this calming white kitchen design, the combination of clean lines, recessed handles and lightweight work surfaces, ensures the tranquil ‘Zen’ atmosphere is maintained. In the spirit of pure Minimalism each aspect of this kitchen has been chosen for its practicality as well as its aesthetic appeal. A gentle palette of neutral colors has been selected to enhance the feel of spaciousness and clarity in this white kitchen design. Recognising and combining the opposing elements of yin and yang is a fundamental aspect of Japanese culture.  This white kitchen design addresses this balance in its use of diverse and contrasting materials. Rough textures contrast and complement smooth surfaces.  Natural materials coexist comfortably with manmade elements,  for example luxurious veneers, stainless steel, bamboo and wood live in harmony with one another to make this white kitchen design a perfect ‘marriage’ of beauty and practicality


White kitchen design by Darren Jones

In keeping with Japanese tradition, in this white kitchen design, subtle diffuse lighting permeates the whole area. The light is soft not jarring and enhances the serene ambience of the whole interior. Hidden LED lights in the suspended ceiling provide a contemporary light source which combines with the more traditional, Japanese style pendant lights used to illuminate the island bench. The way the lights are positioned and screened ensures that the illumination is discreet and gentle creating a relaxed calming atmosphere for working or entertaining in this contemporary white kitchen design.
By Jaz

Interior designer: Darren James


Luxury white kitchen design by Darren Jones


Kitchen design by Darren Jones


Modern kitchen design by Darren Jones


Modern kitchen design by Darren Jones


Modern kitchen design by Darren Jones


Modern kitchen design by Darren Jones


Modern kitchen design by Darren Jones


Modern kitchen design by Darren Jones


Modern kitchen design by Darren Jones

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