Kitchen paint ideas and modern kitchen cabinets colors

kitchen paint ideas white cabinets lavender wall color

Choosing the right color for the kitchen can be a difficult task. Most people love bright colors and want to achieve an intense effect, but somehow you’re never sure if the kitchen fronts and the selected shade of wall color will match. We have some interesting kitchen paint ideas and tips how to add color accents.

Kitchen paint ideas – a contrasting color of the walls

kitchen color ideas white kitchen cabinets blue wall

Nowadays, monochrome kitchens are highly popular. The simple lines and beautiful form of kitchen cabinets can be easily matched with the wall color. Actually, kitchen paint ideas will show you how a great effect is achieved by using contrast colors. You may not be a fan of bright orange or green and this is not a problem. Muted shades and pastel colors will also change the atmosphere and make you feel comfortable.

Kitchen paint ideas contrast wall colors wood cabinets

Those who opt for a contrast kitchen design can try olive, lime green and turquoise blue which are a very popular choice. Colors like chocolate, taupe or gray will make your kitchen look really contemporary.

 Kitchen paint ideas – combine wall and furniture colors

red white kitchen design ideas kitchen color ideas white cabinets

The open floor plan which combines the kitchen with the dining area is something that we see more and more often. It looks airy and inviting and with the appropriate kitchen paint ideas and the right color palette the space can look bright and stylish.

Kitchen paint ideas red wall color accent modern kitchen furniture industrial style

Modern minimalist designs are often using red and white. The accent wall in red is the perfect background for an industrial style kitchen with stainless steel fronts as well.

modern yellow kitchen design kitchen color ideas

Yellow is a magnificent color – even small and dark kitchens immediately feel open and airy. You can choose between painting the walls in yellow or buying a modern yellow kitchen furniture.

kitchen paint ideas yellow wall color white kitchen table

Soft orange walls have the same effect and add warmth to the room.

Elegant kitchen design ideas kitchen paint ideas purple color accents

Tender lavender shades are calming and very chic.

 Bold colors add character to the kitchen

modern kitchen wall color design ideas stylish orange

Add color to the kitchen with colored cabinets

modern kitchen colors white pink color accents in the kitchen

Soft pastel shades look soothing

kitchen wall color ideas yellow orange kitchen white fronts

 Contrasts in a modern style

kitchen paint ideas white kitchen cabinets orange walls ceiling

 Black and white kitchen complemented by the gray walls

kitchen paint ideas minimalist white kitchen gray walls natural stone wall

kitchen paint ideas chocolate brown wooden floor white cabinets

kitchen paint ideas blue wall color wood cabinets

kitchen paint ideas beige  color modern furniture rustic flair

kitchen paint ideas apricot purple white kitchen cabinets

kitchen color ideas yellow blue backsplach white blue kitchen fronts

kitchen color ideas white purple cabinets pink area rug

kitchen color ideas fresh green blue kitchen cabinets



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