22 glass kitchen backsplash designs with stunning visual appeal

unique glass kitchen backsplash ceramic cook top

The backsplash in the kitchen protects the wall from water drops, grease stains or heat. Therefore, this area must be pretty easy to clean. We have collected 22 amazing glass kitchen backsplash designs that definitely have the WOW effect and will help you have a unique kitchen.

Glass kitchen backsplash advantages


Kitchen backsplash glass beautiful motifs Nature sunset

A glass kitchen backsplash has many advantages and we shall make a quick review over the most important ones. First, the installation of a glass backsplash in the kitchen, compared to tiles is very simple. They can then be attached either with single-point fixings or with silicone adhesive to the wall. Glass backsplashes are very easy to clean and maintain. They are also extremely durable and will serve you for a long time so it is worth the investment.

What are glass kitchen backsplashes made of?

white kitchen design glass kitchen backsplash marble effect LED lighting

A glass kitchen backsplash can be made of acrylic glass or tempered glass. The acrylic glass is much lighter than ordinary glass, but is not suitable for gas stoves with an open flame as it gets the heat and can be damaged or expand slightly. Tempered glass is particularly resistant to breaking. It is heat treated and can withstand high temperatures.

Fabulous glass kitchen backsplashes – colors and motifs


Modern kitchen designs feature clean lines and simple forms. Sometimes the lack of colors makes the kitchen look bland and without character. In order to avoid this effect, you can add a visual accent with a colored glass kitchen backsplash. The glass can be printed with individual photos or motifs. You can choose the right motif for your kitchen by yourself and customize your backsplash as per your taste. The imagination knows no limits. Get inspired by the fabulous backsplash ideas in the gallery.

A beautiful forest theme of the backsplash

fantastic glass backsplash modern kitchen white cabinets

Red kitchen cabinets and contrasting glass backsplash

fantastic kitchen backsplash visual effect water cherries modern kitchen ideas

Add style and atmosphere in the kitchen

creative kitchen backsplash ideas glass ice cubes fruits

The backsplash can be customized as per customer’s taste

 white kitchen cabinets design orchids glass backsplash

 Elegant kitchen with wooden cabinets and glass backsplash

modern kitchen cabiets glass kitchen backsplash green grass motif

Fresh spring colors add atmosphere to the kitchen

kitchen wall decoration glass backsplash tulips white cabinets

unique-kitchen backsplash ideas splashing water effect wooden cabinets

small kitchen ideas white kitchen decorative glass backsplash


modern unique customized glass kitchen backsplash design

hot pepper glass backsplash modern kitchen design

glass kitchen backsplash ideas printed motif coffee beans

glass kitchen backsplash floral pattern contemporary kitchens

glass kitchen backsplash design ideas white red kitchen glass doors

fabulous glass kitchen backsplash ideas printed motifs water stones

decorative kitchen backsplash ideas spring flowers white kitchen cabinets

white kitchen cabinets glass backsplash kiwi water

contemporary kitchen cabinets purple color glass backsplash

acryl glass kitchen backsplash tomatoes motif white kitchen cabinets black countertops


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