Minimalist kitchen design ideas by Cesar

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Minimalist kitchen design by Cesar – brilliant and compact

 As any other modern kitchen ideas, these brilliant and compact minimalist kitchen design ideas by Cesar will become your future present wish, if you are a perfect housekeeper or if you just love being in the kitchen surrounded by beautiful stuffs and all the things you need for preraring a family dinner. Cesar is an Italian kitchen design studio. They have shared to the world its modern kitchen ideas for almost half a century. These ones are one of the best…


Minimalist yellow kitchen design idea by Cesar


On the four pictures of these modern kitchen ideas, presented by Cesar, we can reassure that the Italian studio is giving their preferences to the teak and bamboo wood as best materials, when it comes to kitchen boxes and kitchen furniture. The minimalist kitchen design here is simple and elegant, compact and brilliant – it provides spaciousness and enough free space for the cook to get her or his time for inspiration. Modern kitchen ideas rely on this idea these days.

Minimalist kitchen design by Cesar



The minimalist kitchen design by Cesar usually sticks to the modern kitchen design ideas about presenting a room with all the needed things, the most appropriate decors for its function and with the conditions that are demanded by the contemporary women and men, who just love to make some great dinners for their wives. Minimalism is just about this – this style of making our homes sticks to the three important features of domestic organization – cozy, compact and beautiful.

The picture of the last minimalist kitchen design is a little bit different than the upper modern kitchen ideas. The bright colors that Cesar has chosen are making the room look fresher and more original. The red table welcomes for rich lunches, the chandeliers is speaking of romantic and aristocratic dinners, and the retro gadgets, appliances, clothes and plates symbolize the traditional big family breakfasts.


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