Travertine countertops –a touch of style in the modern kitchen

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Travertine countertops are amongst the most popular ones and when it comes to choosing the material for a kitchen countertop many homeowners prefer travertine as it comes in a variety of colors, patterns, shades. You may choose from cream, ivory, walnut, silvery shades and many more earth tones or deep gold and brown. If you have any doubts about the quality of travertine, just remember that the most popular fountain in Rome – the Trevi – is made of travertine and for hundreds of years has not lost its charm!

Travertine countertops for an elegant kitchen

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Very often travertine is described as a cross between marble and limestone. It is widely used in both interior and exterior – stone flooring, bathroom flooring or countertops, backsplashes, etc, etc. Travertine is easily shaped and cut in just about any form which makes it perfect for custom designs with unusual shapes. The variety of colors and shades makes it design friendly and travertine countertops can complement your kitchen cabinetry or stand out as an elegant and eye catching accent. The different textures of travertine provide the opportunity to achieve the desired design effect as you may choose the most popular honed surface or opt for a polished, brushes or tumbled one and have a unique finish of your travertine countertop.

 How to maintain travertine countertops?

kitchen countertops travertine pros cons

The fact that travertine countertops add value to any home does not mean that you should overlook the maintenance. Like other materials such countertops require some care so that their long life and durability are guaranteed. As travertine is a fairly porous material, any spills should be wiped up in order to prevent absorption. Do not use cleaning substances containing acids as they may cause an erosion and leave stains. Sealing is essential for the travertine countertops, especially if there is a regular contact with water. It is advisable to use soft cloths to wipe the surface of the countertop and if you follow these basic maintenance rules you can be sure that the beautiful appearance of your travertine countertop will remain intact.


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Elegant kitchen design in natural colors

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White kitchen with elegant countertops

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 Travertine countertops add value to the home

travertine countertops white kitchen cabinets contemporary kitchen design

Travertine can be used as a kitchen backsplash

travertine countertops travertine backsplash white kitchen cabinets

  Travertine is offered in a wide variety of colors and finishes

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 Travertine looks shiny and elegant

white kitchen cabinets travertine countertops pendant lights

 Travertine countertops fit with many design styles

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 A modern kitchen island with seating and travertine countertop

kitchen island travertine countertop kitchen design ideas

Mediterranean style kitchen combines wood cabinets and travertine counertops

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modern kitchen white cabinets kitchen island travertine countertop

modern kitchen white kitchen cabinets travertine countertops

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how to maintain travertine countertops

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