The practical and the aesthetic in contemporary kitchen furnishing tendencies

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The practical and the aesthetic in contemporary kitchen furnishing tendencies


Comfort and practicality are the main priorities in furnishing a kitchen. Thus, the separate pieces of furniture and appliances should be chosen and arranged carefully, so as to be easily accessible. The architectural configuration should be taken into consideration when making the interior decisions. Making preliminary plans and sketches, helping out in the special and architectural plans, is useful.

Contemporary kitchen arrangement

The kitchen’s configuration can be conventionally separated into two parts – for cooking and storing utensils and food products. The refrigerator and a chest of drawers for the less frequently used appliances, which are not of basic need, can be placed near the door. The sink, the oven and the table ought to be placed symmetrically near each other.The triangular kitchen arrangement is frequently used, with the tendency being that the desktop is a centre element. That way all kind of work becomes easier. Drawers can be places on different places in the room, according to their usage. There is usually a line of drawers near the sink and across one of the walls.

Modern kitchen lighting


Two types of lighting can be differentiated – a main one for the entire room and an additional one for separate parts of the room. In order for the main lighting to be well regulated, a chandelier with a few light-bulbs can be placed. Hanging lamps are an option for additional lighting to the centre-placed objects. Covered globes are suitable for the sectors, which are near a wall.A separate place for dining can be established in bigger kitchens.

Square kitchen furnishing


According to the place’s special structure, the table can be placed in its centre, in the square kitchens, or near one of its walls, in the rectangular kitchens. In correlation to the general furnishing concept, the table can be wooden or glass, with suitable decoration and table-cloth.The choice of materials for the coverings is important, since they should be easy to maintain and aesthetically chosen. Terra cotta and parquet are the most common options for floor coverings. Ceramic tiles are suitable for the walls. You can cover a part of them, until reaching a certain height, or cover one of the walls entirely. The options for aesthetic shaping and decoration elements are countless.

Contemporary kitchen design


Contemporary kitchen design

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