The colour palette in the kitchen


Modern yellow color kitchen cabinets

Colours play in important role in shaping up the outlook of the kitchen design. The colour range should provoke positive emotions. Carefully chosen nuances put an accent on the interior elements. Frequently used colour tones include: white, light and dark blue, turquoise, emerald green, yellow, orange, red, grey and black. The traditional colour schemes, including shades of brown, are still among the stylish choices. Among the elements, where colour is a key moment, are the chests of drawers. Choosing the colour schemes to achieve an appropriate correlation with the other interior elements is of specific importance. Chests of drawers can be chosen by colour, or the available ones can be repainted.

Minimalist kitchen drawers


Minimalist red wood kitchen drawers

Natural wooden chests of drawers, pearl and silver hints, as well as bright nuances of red, orange and violet are suitable tones.
Creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere can be of first grade importance. Pale and pastel hues are appropriate for achieving this goal. Sky blue, light turquoise, beige, light pink and white are commonly chosen nuances. The natural vanilla colour is especially popular, often in combination with other natural colour tones, such as ebony, olive and tobacco.

Kitchen interior with orange cabinets


Kitchen interior with modern orange cabinets

A way to put an accent on the interior elements is to combine various materials and bright colours. Warm tones are appropriate for this purpose. Red, orange, yellow and white colour furniture in combination with metal door knobs and backrests give a stylish and fresh outlook to the general furnishing. The colour scheme is built around the vitality and richness of expression.

Contemporary kitchen


Contemporary kitchen in red white and black

In contemporary tendencies there is place for innovative and daring undertakings. Contrast is a commonly used technique. It is usually used for the bright shades of warm and dark tones, where a specific effectiveness is achieved. Two or three contrasting colours may be combined, including black. This technique is widely used for the furnishing. It is sometimes used for the decoration elements and walls, as well.

Green color kitchen


Green color kitchen with wooden cabinets

In case you prefer the retro style, suitable colours for the walls and chests of drawers are blue and emerald green. In combination with natural wooden furniture, this colour range creates a feeling of calmness and home comfort. Since comfort and convenience are main priorities, the colour range should be chosen according to your personal preferences and ideas.

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