Kitchens from IKEA for 2012

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Kitchens from IKEA for 2012

For the upcoming 2012, IKEA will count on the simplicity, practicality and classicism. Although, these are the things we see at first by having a look at the IKEA`s catalogue for the new trends in the interior design of 2012, we may still find some minimalistic elements in the decoration and the furniture – little but noticeable for an eye with a vigilant. Same things we may say about any room that IKEA introduces us in their latest work by anticipating the real come of the 2012. Kitchen, as well is simple, practical and classic.

Kitchen design from IKEA 2012

IKEA`s idea is to encourage their clients to make a really cozy and convenient for all the kitchen activities place, where the interior design is simplified enough to leave a space and free place for people`s new ideas for decoration and refreshment. Kitchen in 2012, according to IKEA, are mostly pure and white with a strict order of the furniture and a great organization of the way the appliances, electric gadgets, sets and services are arranged. IKEA are introducing to us some really compact and very comfortable for use cabinets, shelves, sections and they solve the biggest problem in the kitchen for ages – the storage problem.

IKEA kitchen drawers design 2012


Meanwhile, the little details as the original vases, cups and colors schemes (especially the green one and the white with the red dots) are still wearing the minimalistic look – that modern and fresh minimalistic spirit. Moreover, the ultra contemporary and innovative ovens and the grills are speaking of the approach of the technology – something that nobody can deny – even the greatest designers` minds in IKEA.

IKEA 2012 kitchen design


IKEA has divided its kitchen catalogue for the upcoming 2012 into two parts. The first one is set up for the traditionalists among the housekeepers. They will get a sweet, a little bit vintage and romantic kitchen with the classical kitchen table, covered with the lovely granny`s cloth. For the enthusiasts of the newest and the oddest, IKEA is saying – no more tables in the kitchen. Kitchen plot is the new kitchen table! Besides, the contemporary kitchen from IKEA for the new 2012 comes in bright and attractive colors – aren’t you attracted already?!
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IKEA kitchen design 2012


IKEA kitchen design 2012

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