Key moments to the kitchen interior design decisions


Glass and wood in the kitchen interior

The interior design tendencies change too often for it to be possible to make long term plans on the basis of current conceptions.

Therefore, the preserved traditional styles, finding their place in the contemporary interior plans, are an appropriate choice. Combining modern approaches and established patterns gives the opportunity to create a personal style of furnishing. Elegancy and practicality are the main motives in the kitchen interior plan. The furniture should be both refined and functional. Combining natural materials, such as wood and textile, with separate elements made of metal or glass, is characteristic. This is a way to stress on every single furnishing element are give a hint of sophistication.

Kitchen decoration


Kitchen decoration in light tones

The colour scheme is carefully chosen, so that the walls, separate furniture and decoration elements are aesthetically combined. Light tones are suitable for the walls. Warm nuances, such as beige, light orange and pale yellow help create a cosy atmosphere. Light tones of cold colours are suitable for the walls, tiles and curtains, especially in creating a contrast between the separate architectural and interior elements.

Classic kitchen furnishing


Contemporary classic kitchen furnishing

The classic furnishing design is often applied in the contemporary furnishing approaches. Characteristic of it are the simplified forms are configuration, which makes the task of arranging the furniture easier. It is essential that the storage furniture, such as cupboards, shelves and chests of drawers correspond to the common elements, such as the table, chairs and couch, in terms of style and colour range. The choice of decorative elements should be thought out carefully.

Kitchen furnishing


Beautiful kitchen furnishing and decoration with clock

The separate elements should fit in well with the general furnishing concept of the household. There should be a sense of moderation, above all. Instead, objects, which serve a practical purpose, can be used. Clocks, candle-sticks and still life paintings are suitable for the kitchen interior and do not take up too much space.

Modern kitchen furnishing


Modern kitchen furnishing in light color

Reaching a balance between the furnishing styles is of great importance. The interior motives must complement each other in terms of enunciation and practicality. The correlation of furniture and decorative elements should also be taken into consideration. The colour scheme is a main motif. Appropriately combining pale and bright tones is a way to establish stylish and aesthetic furnishing.

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