How kitchens are going to change in 2012?


Contemporary kitchen design

They say “New year, new luck”  and they say that maybe sometimes we do not see it immediately, but everything is changing with the coming of the new year.

Same way your home is quickly changing, especially when we really, really need to change our lives and feel that a little step is the beginning to the way of making this goal come truth. Ok, so talking about all of this and mentioning the interior design, which, actually, concerns us, the question that appears is how kitchens are going to change in the upcoming 2012?

Kitchen design


Kitchen design made from recycled paper

The easiest answer I can give you is that kitchens are becoming even more contemporary and more minimalistic in the next year. All new appliances and electric gadgets are going to make your new kitchen even more high-tech and modern. Starting with the materials that are going to be used in the kitchen of 2012, we must mention that the eco movements are strongly moving into the interior design. Recycled furniture or furniture that are made from recycled materials are decorating the extra ordinary interior design and make it look a little bit odd but very, very ecological and fine.

Minimalist kitchen interior design


Minimalist kitchen interior design

Wooden tables are replaced with plastic ones – we should keep the nature even more in 2012, right? For flooring terracotta is still dominating. Ordinary white or black ceramic tiles are no longer preferred. Designers suggest we turn our kitchen into a circus arena and the cook process must be turned into an acrobatic and extremely delicate procedure. Choose some mosaic red or green tiles and make your new kitchen be the place you want to spend most of the time.

Artisan kitchen by Brummel


Artisan kitchen by Brummel

Decoration in the new kitchen of the upcoming 2012 is stressed with some impressive and original elements such as Baroque chandeliers or abstract painting on the walls in front of the kitchen box or the kitchen plot. Curtains are silk or canopy and the room is asking the question “Am I a kitchen or a royal saloon?” Do not answer, but start preparing the dinner, because the royal families are usually big.

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Luxury kitchen design


Luxury royal family kitchen design

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