Eclecticism in the kitchen

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Eclecticism in the kitchen


Eclectic kitchen furniture

The kitchen is the most fragrant and cozy room in the home. It is a sacred place for the preparation of delicious culinary delights. There are power and purity of line. Space is less than the other rooms, so there is nothing superfluous. This does not mean to deprive of his favorite subjects. They bring warmth and cheer.Over time, people surround with furniture and other home items. Some memory of their parents, others were brought from a trip to another country. We all have favorite cups and cups of crystal, porcelain or ceramics.

Eclecticism in the kitchen

You should not throw them for ultra-modern style of the renovated kitchen. They can be combined perfectly, if the furniture is put taste and eye for detail. Should not scare us eclecticism in the kitchen. Is eclectic style that best reflects the inner world of man. Things that people have gathered over the years issued their tastes and values. The mix of different styles, cultures and eras is very impressive and artistic. Beautiful old wooden table in a natural color to successfully coexist modern kitchen cabinets. It can serve as an island to be used for dining and additional desktop work.

Modern eclectic kitchen

Chairs in various colors and patterns around the table and give artistic mood in the room. The bar of solid wood is lined with metal chairs upholstered in leather. Modules of stylish cabinets in different colors are combined with metal chairs. Silver-colored chairs are complemented by hanging lamps over the bar and stainless steel appliances. Many current is mixing antique and modern furniture. Fine old antique vase and a beautiful lamp is complemented with modern furniture modern kitchen. New cabinets stand out well against the wall of red brick or natural stone.

Eclectic kitchen


Modern eclectic kitchen

Natural rough material again enters the modern designs. Mass and rough wooden bench in the kitchen creates a unique look of the room.Color accent fabric makes the kitchen cozy. This may be a small carpet, colorful curtains or tablecloths for dining. They bring humor and beauty in the room.Eclecticism is seen as an artistic and bohemian style. It can be done with less resource. The idea is to use beautiful objects of modern family with new furniture.

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Eclectic kitchen design

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