Decorative elements in the kitchen


Contemporary kitchen with decorative elements

The contemporary kitchen design is simplistic.

There needn’t be any center pieces. Discreteness shouldn’t mean that there are to be no decorative elements in the room. They just should not be ostentatious, but unnoticeably and naturally added to the general perception, established by the design decisions for the place.

Bright kitchen interior


Kitchen interior in modern light colors

Although black and white are predominant in the kitchen interior, more and more designers recommend bright colours, mainly for the decorative elements, which create a romantic feeling. Small flower-pots on the walls are bright colour spots, which bring in a fresh breeze in the kitchen.

White color kitchen

Desktops, wall panels and binding elements should be in one and the same colours, or contrasting, so as to stand out in the room’s general composition. A brave decision for the kitchen is a frieze with mosaic, wall centres, which would give a specific outlook to the interior and make the kitchen stand out from the common style of furnishing. The stained-glass door is retro, but combined with decorative light bulbs, placed on the ceiling, reminiscent of a starry sky, it makes the kitchen design look unique. In order for the room to be well lit and spacious, other decorative elements can be placed, such as small ceramic pilasters, which reflect light.

Modern kitchen decoration


Modern kitchen decoration

The most common kitchen element is a fruit-bowl. It can be placed on either the kitchen table, or on a specified shelf. The vases, full of fresh flowers, also add to the interior design of the room. Decorative shelves on the walls, meant for flowers or herbs, are an interesting decoration decision for the walls, alongside the ceramic plates stored on them. In the contemporary modern design, wooden decorative elements are used more and more often. This creates a feeling of cosiness and warmth and helps establish the connection between man and nature at the same time.

Contemporary kitchen appliances


Contemporary kitchen appliances with decoration

Kitchen appliances, which are kept on the outside, can serve as decorative elements, as well. In order for that to happen, they need to be in the same colour. Bar stools can become an accent of the decoration, if they are chosen in such a way, that they fit well in terms of style in the place’s interior design.
When decorating the kitchen, we should bare in mind that a room with stylish tones and accents expresses its owner’s character best.

Boyan Angelov

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