3 summer fresh ideas for a decoration in a kitchen


Summer kitchen decoration

Change of the seasons during the years naturally leads to the changes at home.

Each room is changing its view the way our garden next to the house is changing its view. Small little decors can do that – it is not necessary to make some big and substantial repairs at home in order to respect for traditions about getting some new fresh style in all rooms.


Bright kitchen decoration


Delicate and bright kitchen decoration

In this article we present you five summer fresh ideas for a decoration in the kitchen. As well as the spring summer brings joy and gay atmosphere in our life and this could be also seen in the interior design in the kitchen. Making the room brighter and sunnier is the easiest way to make ourselves happier and mirthful.

Modern kitchen

First idea for your fresh decoration in the kitchen during the summer season is to cover and fill the room with lots of light. This could be perfectly done with changing the curtains by replacing the old ones with some transparent and light as a feather cloth made from. Painting the walls with lighter colors such as yellow and pink could be also a great idea. Finally, you can also, put some decors presenting the idea of the sun and the bright sunshine – wallpapers, cloths on the kitchen plot, new carpet or some paintings.



Kitchen with summer decor and flower carpet

Next idea is to introduce the flower idea in the summer fresh kitchen. Vases full of flowers that are gathered from your own garden may be arranged on the shelves upon the kitchen sink or on the long polished kitchen plot. A creative nature mort illustrated on a painting framed in orange luster is combined with the funny carpet with sunflowers and daisies as to the motives.

Kitchen interior design


Bright open kitchen interior design

As a third idea for refreshment in your kitchen during summer, we may offer you to place some new piece of furniture. We do now mean a new kitchen box, a new kitchen plot or some expensive electric appliance that could do the work in preparing the meal instead of you. Place some comfortable armchair in red, orange, blue or green screaming colors in the corner to create a warm atmosphere and to remind yourself that summer is for having rest most of all.


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