Sustainable kitchen design by Ernestomeda


Ernestomeda is an Italian kitchen design company that presented its Icon Project at the International Kitchen Furniture Exhibition EuroCucina 2012. The essence of the project is to introduce a modern sustainable kitchen design referring to Minimalism and encouraging healthy lifestyle. The main ideas the Icon kitchen design pursuits are functionality, aesthetics and performance. These three important design features are combined to create a different and innovative product for the modern household.

Sustainable kitchen design


The sustainable kitchen design combines a variety of materials including wood, glass and concrete, more like an actual building then a home installation. The use of Ernestomeda‘s own innovative material called ICONcrete distinguishes the design and makes the kitchen unique. The concrete’s stern look is soften by wooden cupboards, though it is not a soft presence the designers pursue here.

Sustainable kitchen design with concrete finish



This sustainable kitchen design is all about the terse contemporary feel based on regular geometric shape and modern materials. The design is addressed to customers with refined taste of contemporary style who enjoy clean rationality as well as a bit of innovation and individuality. But the modern luxury part of the sustainable kitchen design is just an expression of the aesthetical side of the project.

Apart from it the Icon kitchen includes some particular features using technology to make the design more functional and original. The features include special door mechanisms and extendible counters. Those features represent a different side of the Icon kitchen design concept which is its tendency to create a healthy sanitary environment. That sustainable kitchen design is achieved through various mechanisms that preserve the food and keep it fresh and sealed to pests. The environment is clean and sets a proper atmosphere for cooking, dining and just enjoying a pure healthy lifestyle right in the middle of your home.

By K.H.Hristova




Published by Dimitar Dimitrov