Natural materials in the kitchen


Modern wooden walnut kitchen furniture

Modern society again found natural materials. Increasingly people choose eco lifestyle and want to be part of nature in your home. Designers also reported failure of artificial clients home. The interest in natural materials is constantly growing because of the longer life of the synthetic. In their desire to protect the environment, many people use recycled and restored furniture class. Modern customers like the patina of the wood and scratches on it. According to interior designers and retailers are very topical lately artificially aged quality wooden kitchen furniture. Modern cabinets are new to scratch the paint on them. They suggest the history of the house and create a sense of tradition. Wood is preferred for cabinets and floor in a modern kitchen. It creates a feeling of warmth and comfort in the kitchen.

Beech kitchen furniture


Innovative design beech kitchen furniture

The most commonly used in the kitchen are oak, beech, pine, walnut. Over time oak furniture derived color of old gold and are very beautiful. Many are spectacular and unique pieces of walnut. Were distributed kitchen cabinets and pine.

Bamboo kitchen furniture


Contemporary bright bamboo kitchen furniture

Some customers are directed to exotic mahogany kitchen furniture, cork, bamboo. Beautiful wooden cabinets are usually in natural color. Often preferred, finished with paint wooden panels. Colored furnishings create mood. An important prerequisite for the selection of materials for furnishing a kitchen is to be consistent with the style of the other rooms in the house.

Stone and wood kitchen


Stone and oak wood in the kitchen

The market offers a wide selection of kitchen decor. Many cabinets are often a combination of wood, stone and metal. The use of granite, marble or limestone create a feeling of luxury and style. The kitchen countertop and natural stone is beautiful and resistant to high temperatures.

Kitchen furniture design


Wood and stone kitchen furniture design

Accessories wonderful complement of metal furniture from wood and stone in the kitchen. Many combinations are modern wrought iron, stainless steel, nickel, copper. Metal sinks and faucets are turned into modern jewelry interior room. Metal elements are used in lamps. Plastic is no longer among the favorite home accessories. The combination of metal, wood and glass is always modern. It occurs not only in traditional furnishings. Preferred is the modern interior. Natural materials bring comfort, beauty and style at home. They predispose to relax after a stressful life. It is in realization of the design to seek specialist advice. This ensures success in the kitchen design.

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