Male kitchen design


Minimalistic male kitchen interior

Ok, you will recognize your woman by entering her kitchen and by trying the softness of her bedroom`s sheets. But how a woman can recognize her man? In male bachelor lodging we can find only chaos, mess and old beer cans. This is the tradition hypothesis. But there are few men who care about their homes and pay some serious attention on the interior design. Well, in this article we are not going to talk about the sheets in his bedroom but about the course of operations in organizing and furnishing his kitchen. Male kitchen design is minimalistic and classic. Lots of stuffs and pieces of furniture could not be noticed here. Although, appliances are in abundance – men are a little bit lazy and will not agree in cooking one meal the whole day. They prefer to arrange on the elegant steel shelves lots of electricity products as mixer, kitchen robots, food processor, dishwasher and other hi-tech gadgets for sluggish housekeepers.

Male kitchen


Spacious male kitchen with bar

Bar plot in male kitchen is mandatory. Only with men can feel a little bit normal and in his shoes while spending some time in kitchen. No decorations like vases, cloths, cups or flowers are arranged on the bar plot.

Modern male kitchen


Modern male kitchen

It is tidy and neat, pure and clean – because men do not spend too much here to be able to destroy their kitchen fast. Another mandatory piece of furniture in male kitchen is a big plastic table in an extra ordinary design that is combined with fresh styled chairs. Males prefer to use the kitchen for a dining room, too – because the vacant room could be transferred into a gym or an office. Chairs, naturally are convenient and damasked with leather – maybe, he will need more than one ore even two women`s help in serving an important dinner or preparing a birthday party for someone special.

Male kitchen design


Dark male kitchen design

Finally, colors in male kitchen are dark – blue, black, ebony, brown and grey. No man will put themselves under the obligation of cleaning the kitchen every day. Materials as well as colors are masculine and majestic. Men choose furniture made from steel, rock and teak. As for the kitchen box they count on the multifunctionality and practicality.

Dark male kitchen


Male kitchen in blue and black

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