Kitchen Ideas for the villa


Kitchen Idea – White modern kitchen design

More and more people prefer peace, which offers the  villa to the city noise.

Second home near the beach or a beautiful mountain area will provide the necessary relaxation of the family. Many suburban houses have good infrastructure and allow them to live all year round. The villa provides comfort and relaxation to people. An important requirement is that its design is organized differently from city apartment and do not repeat it. At the same time furnishing should offer the comforts of modernity. You do not have owners to waive technical innovations in the kitchen equipment in the villa. Its design is consistent with where the house was built. If the building is in the mountains, relies more on the timber. For a house near the sea prefer lightweight wicker kitchen furniture.

Kitchen Idea – Wooden Stylish Kitchen Design


Kitchen Idea – Wooden Stylish Kitchen Design

Comfortable with many kitchen cabinets are drawers in which to fit devices and products. A good option for flooring in the kitchen of the villa is that it is made of wood or terracotta. It is possible to put laminate. It is inexpensive and easily maintained. If you have old flooring and it can not be removed, it is better to be littered carpet.

Kitchen Idea – Open kitchen and dining area

One of the first things that must comply with the architect designing the kitchen of the villa is that it has a direct exit to the garden. This will allow the warm months of the year food is served in the courtyard. Furthermore, the hostess will have easy access to fruits, vegetables, herbs that grow in the garden.

Kitchen Idea – Open plan villa kitchen design


Kitchen Idea – Open plan villa kitchen design

Successful accessories in the kitchen of the villa are pots and vases ceramic bowl and a beautiful basket of fruit. Pots of flowers and herbs on the window gives freshness and comfort of the room. Souvenirs collected in the years also find their place in the room. They give their own style of cuisine and reflect the taste of people.

Kitchen Idea – kitchen with modern equipment


Kitchen Idea – kitchen with modern equipment

The kitchen in the villa must be equipped with all necessary and useful devices. They help the housewife to prepare food quickly and easily. The room can not mandatory stove, refrigerator, extractor. Usually the kitchen in the second dwelling is of sufficient size and it can be given a table of the family. The premises must fully meet the purpose and at the same time different from the kitchen in urban housing.

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