Key points to kitchen furnishing

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Key points to kitchen furnishing

The kitchen is the housewife’s kingdom. That’s why it should be convenient for working in, equipped with everything necessary for its every day tasks and arranged according to the housewife’s picture of beauty and cosiness. The furnishing depends entirely on the area of the room provided. The small kitchen must be furnished in such fashion that it encompasses everything in a small area. The kitchen cupboards can be placed on the entire length of the free wall, so there will be more space for the various equipment and dishes.

Contemporary compact kitchen design

In the cupboards themselves moveable or spinning shelves can be placed, so there will be easy accessibility to every single thing, stored in them, without the order in them being disrupted. If it’s possible, additional shelves for storing a different kind of objects from the rest can be added. That way dishes, containers and utensils can be stored in one place. The choice of floor and wall coverings depends on the home masters’ preferences. Terra cotta, granite and marble remain being the most common choices, but parquet is also an option. The sanitary convenient faience for the walls can be replaced by wall-papers or wooden panelling. The lighting is very important.

Minimalist kitchen built-in appliances


Attention must be paid to the choice of synthetic lighting, along with the equally distributed lighting from the ceiling, lighting over all work surfaces should also be provided. It can be built in the cupboards, or provided by additional lamps and appliances on the necessary places. The devices, which are to be built in, are the other key element in furnishing the kitchen. They should be arranged in such manner, they there is easy access to them. When arranging them, it should be considered that the devices with similar functions should be one next to the other – the washing-machine and the dryer, the built in oven and the hobs.

Non traditional kitchen interior


Everything must be within the house mistress’ reach. The spacious kitchens give the opportunity for more freedom in furnishing – from the choice of devices and their placement in the room to the size and placement of the kitchen cupboards, the shelves and additional kitchen furniture. Original ideas are also possible, such as creating separate cribs for different activities – for cooking, eating and having company over for tea or coffee. The only requirement is that it is aesthetically arranged and corresponding to the house masters’ ideas of cosiness and beauty.

Small cozy kitchen design


Small cozy kitchen design

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