Joyful minimalistic kitchen

Joyful minimalistic kitchen


Minimalist green kitchen design

This bright and fresh contemporary kitchen is located somewhere in the house.

We say somewhere because, first of all, on the picture we can see its nearness next to the lounge which is not very traditional approach for the interior design. But, on the other hand, the incredible excitement, which the kitchen emits, is reason enough to locate it anywhere we want to. Just look at how joyful this minimalistic kitchen is and how well its colors are changing the mood in the house.

Minimalistic orange kitchen design


Minimalistic orange kitchen design

Main colors in the kitchen are orange, purple and red. All are bright and screaming – doesn`t matter which name they are screaming, but best cooks at home are definitely welcomed here and are definitely excited to make meals here. Varnish glitter of kitchen plot is perfectly combined with the classic ceramic tea set. Shapes are classic and round – not only the plates and the services but the bar chairs and decorations, too. Plastic furniture imparts accomplished style to the whole atmosphere and suits to the untraditional sink that can cursorily be observed. This is because the main accent is put on the bright colors and splendid decoration.

Minimalist kitchen decorating design

Decoration motives in the joyful minimalistic represents wall ornaments. A set of colorful panel you can see above the sink and the kitchen plot is actually a mosaic set of cabinets. Its charming and original decoration looks more like a painting than a piece of furniture, but you have to admit – such design idea can be perfectly used for a room where trimming is not very welcomed and adequate. On the contrary, the purple and pink curtains represent the whole idea for classic ornaments in kitchen. We can see some interesting combination between spherical and angular figures that diversifies the main atmosphere in the joyful minimalistic kitchen.

Minimalist round kitchen


Minimalist round kitchen

Too many colors, sometimes, can be a great mistake for the interior design. That is why, usually the balance and the compromise for neutral surfaces is found in the flooring. Pavement is grey or even black and its smoothness fits the plastic and varnish furniture perfectly.

Open plan minimalistic kitchen


Open plan minimalistic kitchen design

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