Ideas for small kitchen interior


Small modern kitchen interior

Kitchen should be wide enough to ensure housekeepers enough free space for doing their things – cooking and cleaning, serving meals and organizing a party. It is a common mistake when people think that this is not realizable when the room you have chosen to be kitchen is too small and cramped. A kitchen could be decorated and furnished well enough even if its sizes are not that satisfactory the way wanted them to be.

Compact kitchen box


Compact white kitchen box

Most important think for a nice and spending small kitchen is to select a really convenient and compact kitchen box. Among all the contemporary models for a kitchen box lots are constructive and folding so that when you do not use everything the room looks wide and spacious. Next thing you have to remember is that color scheme has its meaning in the interior design. For small rooms designers advise light colors – white, beige, pink, yellow, pastel purple and blue. They will open the premises in an amazing way so you could not recognize your own kitchen.

Small kitchen cabinet


Small red kitchen with one cabinet

Gather all the kitchen appliances on one place. Better chose for this some big enough cabinet that could accommodate everything. It is also a mistake to select tens of little cabinets. One big is enough and it will save more free space around. If there is something left outside it, arrange all other appliances and kitchen equipment on the fridge or on the oven. The picture will be perfect if you cover them with sweet cloth with flowers or spots.
Do no decorate too much. Use the crystal service you received as a birthday present from your parents. Arrange it on the shelves and take it down anytime you have some really important guests at home – looking at it and drinking from it will make them blind that actually your plates and cups are Chinese and cheap.

Small kitchen interior design


Small contemporary kitchen interior design

Another illusion for spacious room in a small kitchen could be made with smooth lightings and wide opened windows. Abandon the curtains – the only thing they do is to prevent the daylight comes into your room and life and meanwhile they are not fashion at all nowadays.

Small kitchen interior


Small kitchen interior design

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