Future or presents look?

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Future or presents look?


Luxury white futuristic design kitchen

We live in a world filled with new technology and endless ideas. 20 years ago the spaceship, cordless phones and any other improvements in our life were just people with many ideas and amazing imagination – things that people do not have temperatures are admitted to reality. But here today this is a fact and it is developing with great speed. These ideas were required in our home – from the big to the smallest details. Now I will present you kitchen and dining area – work of art, a skilled hand and a plenty imagination. What inspired them – we do not care. What interests us is the result – and it is to preserve the aesthetic and classic look of the kitchen as the units of the walls – their height and color are changed, the form of tables, chairs, kitchen appliances and dishes have surpassed their time – glimpse into the future, perhaps our normal routine.

Kitchen counter


White modern kitchen counter

The distribution of kitchen complies with classic rules but everything else is different. The room is spacious, creating a sense of freedom – the absence of the second floor, lifting the ceiling and French windows leave much space for air and light. Everything seems built as a whole because the white color – merged, but in any case isn’t lost any focus.Exactly the modern outlook in our life and now iconic and well known curved forms – the kitchen table has a unique design – a natural extension of the kitchen counter, but with own function.

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