Bright colors in the kitchen


Modern kitchen decoration with bright colors

Home kitchen decoration is an important condition for achieving a cozy atmosphere.

The colors in the room issue style and taste of family-tradition that relies on or is willing to experiment and make innovations in their home. Usually the flowers are safe for young children. In other areas prefer pastel tones. Recently in the kitchen using bright colors that break traditional ideas. Established manufacturers of kitchen furniture market in red cabinets. The bright color is combined with black and white and creates an interesting contrast.

Red kitchen design


Red kitchen design

The red color in the kitchen may be in the furniture, the accessories, in textiles, in lamps. One option is the gateway of cabinets can be painted in bright colors and can be combined with a black top and white or a neutral floor. This will reduce aggression and red to achieve harmony in the kitchen. Good effect is achieved when only a few of the panels to the furniture in red and the other, white. Chairs to the bar are also in red. This will break the monotony of white kitchen, and she no longer looks cold and sterile.

White kitchen design

Modern white kitchen can be refreshed with bright accents. A good solution is to put the wall mural of beautiful ceramics or textiles. An artistic works in the kitchen are still life. This will break the monotony in the kitchen and plaque will be in harmony with the room. Even the kitchen furniture to be decided in only one primary color, vivid textile accents in the room it is also refreshing. Curtains or red carpet with flower motifs create mood. Beautiful vase and a bowl of fruit are appropriate accents in the kitchen. Freshness of the interior color create even kitchen towels.

Bright color kitchen


Kitchen interior in bright colors

Yellow is also a place in the kitchen. It successfully combined with brown or black ground. The walls in the room can be painted in shades of yellow. In the same color are part of the cabinet drawers. This will achieve a sense of warmth and mood in the kitchen. People should not be afraid to experiment with colors in the kitchen. You only need to be done with taste and eye for detail in the kitchen.

Bright kitchen interior


Bright kitchen interior design

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