Contemporary trends for kitchen design


Contemporary kitchen interior

Do you want to give your kitchen its own style to make it fit well in the contemporary trends? For this purpose, you will first need to make an interior plan for the kitchen furniture arrangement. If the room is not big, there are ways to make it seem more spacious by finding a way to arrange the different pieces of furniture in a specific pattern.
The walls are a key element to the room’s general appearance. Matching tones and using light colours can give the room a pleasant look. Choosing a different, brighter shade for the side walls can put an accent on the interior configuration. Special attention must be paid to the contrast in the colour range, which is considered a leading contemporary method.

Contemporary kitchen


Contemporary kitchen with dining room

If you have a separate place for the dining table, you can place pictures and tapestries on the near walls to give an aesthetic dining atmosphere. Separating the different sectors in terms of arrangement will also make your kitchen appear bigger. Keep in mind that the style in furniture for the dining place and the whole kitchen must match so as to create a harmonious foreground to the whole room. Lately, trends have been shifting towards the vintage style in furniture design. Natural colours and materials are more widely used, as are classical design patterns. Dark warm colours are often used for the coverings of wooden furniture elements. Bright tones in decorative elements such as pictures and still life make the atmosphere appear livelier. Paying special attention to the details is of particular importance when it comes to creating an aesthetic appearance to the room.

Minimalist kitchen interior


Minimalist kitchen interior

Decorative figures in kitchen elements such as stained glass, perches and wall piers give class to the general appearance of the room and outline the separate interior elements. Decorative motives in cupboards, shelves and door-knobs are classical elements in applied domestic arts, typical for the Victorian style of decorating.

Last, but not least, the floor covering must be taken into consideration. Terra cotta is often preferred for kitchen floors in combination with little round rugs placed in the centre of the room to make cleaning easier. Parquet floor is most suitable for the dining-room. Dining-room rugs should have bright creative patterns in collation with the room’s atmosphere.

Kitchen in contemporary style


Kitchen in contemporary style

Modern kitchen interior


Modern kitchen interior

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