All colors in your kitchen


Minimalist white kitchen with colorful wall decoration

Kitchen must be fresh, cozy and cool enough to make you stay there for pleasure not because you are obliged to.

One great idea to bring these feelings in your own kitchen is to make it colorful and spread all the colors around you. Do not be afraid that it will be lack of taste – the most important is you to feel comfortable in a kitchen where, actually, you are suppose to do things that are not so pleasant – washing the dishes, cooking everyday for your family, cleaning and maintaining the pleasant atmosphere.

Colorful kitchen interior


Minimalistic Green Kitchen design

Transfer your kitchen into a colorful dream by starting with painting. Use your imagination which is locked because of the rules and principles you got used to. Combine green with red and yellow, make spots on the walls and drag curved lines and figures in orange and purple in the corners of the room. There is no doubt that maybe among some of you could live an artist. So, then just paint – make the drawings, which you kept only in yourself, in your kitchen.

White color kitchen


White Minimalistic kitchen

Most appropriate for the kitchen are the spring or summer landscapes, bright sunshine or a garden with different flowers. When you get to the step of furniture, think about the space. Bright colors make the room looks smaller. If you have less space – choose pink, white, yellow or purple. As materials, the best choice for a colorful kitchen is plastic and glass. If your prefer simple furniture, decorate it with colorful elements – cover in orange, vases in blue, curtains with red, green and white stripes.

Yellow kitchen cupboards


Yellow Contemporary Kitchen Design

All colors in your kitchen will bring fantastic mood to the daily activities. No more stress and no more bad feelings about your life of a housekeeper. Even the experts in medicine and psychology suggest you let the colors of the rainbow enter your house – this is the easiest way to call the joy, happiness and harmony. And do not forget – every color has its meaning – use it to say what you want to say to your guests and people you live with.

Pink kitchen furniture


Pink Kitchen Design

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