Cooking in Style with Brummels Luxury Kitchen design

Modern and Luxury kitchen design ideas by Brummel


Brummel’s modern luxury kitchen design collection is everything you’ve asked for. It is luxurious, beautiful, stylish and just a spectacular fit for every home. One of the best things about this modern kitchen is the mixture between absolute technological functionality, beautiful design techniques wrapped securely by top quality steel. The final effect is just fascinating. Everything is extremely classy, beautiful and stylish. It is simply perfect aesthetic, fine work of art.  Brummel’s kitchen is simply extraordinary.

One of the company’s missions is to find a solution for every type of space using a perfect combination between flexibility, and inattentiveness. Brummel’s experience and knowledge in design is just impeccable. Everything created by this amazing firm has a special reminiscent of the Italian tradition and especially a scent of the Venetian unique style and culture. However, that doesn’t make the kitchen design old fashioned or out of style. On the contrary, mixed with tradition, the new modern masterpieces look timeless.

Papillon by Brummel cucine


Ever since Brummel was founded, it became widely-known as an innovative, stylish firm that has the wisdom, the professional abilities and creativity to create pure perfection. The company has been focusing on being the leader on the market, and the mission is definitely accomplished. Today Brummel has the privilege to say, with absolute satisfaction, that its kitchens are considered to be the finest in the world.  It’s proven its success with the many different projects that have been noted as simply exceptional.

Influenced by the new design trends and Italian culture, Brummel offers exquisite modern kitchen design solutions that will sweep you off your feet. The exceptional refinement of the island kitchen is just simply love of first sight. The functionality and efficiency make every kitchen a complete contrast to all of the other designs. That puts Brummel on the top of the list for modern kitchen designing considering the opinion of many word renowned experts.

“Contemporanea” kitchen



Bamboo luxury kitchen design


The Black Diamond kitchen


Purple kitchen design with luxury finish




Red luxury kitchen design by Brummel


Classic French / Italian luxury kitchen design

White contemporary luxury kitchen design

Black classic luxury kitchen design

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