How to arrange an adorable breakfast nook in the kitchen

breakfast nooks ideas kitchen nook furniture corner bench wooden table

The kitchen is the place where we gather with family. It can be intimate, cozy and relaxing. We have collected some ideas to help you arrange an adorable and cozy breakfast nook in the kitchen.

 How to choose a breakfast nook set?

corner breakfast  nook ideas corner bench wooden chairs

The breakfast nook is a perfect addition to any kitchen – large or small. With the right breakfast nook set you can visually separate a cozy dining area. Adjust the seat in the window area, so that enough sunlight falls on it. Before selecting the breakfast nook furniture set, measure carefully the available space. The distance between the table and the bench should be about 40 cm, between the chairs and the table you should plan more free space, so that the family members can sit down comfortable. In small kitchens a narrow breakfast nook bench and a long table are a practical solution. To provide enough light in the evening, you can add a pendant light hanging over the table. If you wished to have a more compact breakfast nook set – opt for a corner bench and a round table. Cushions in different designs in bright colors will add the comfort and the decorative touch.

How to choose a breakfast nook design style

Modern kitchen small breakfast nook set wooden bench green leather upholstery

It is highly recommended that the breakfast nook style is matched with the overall kitchen interior design. If your kitchen is decorated in a country house style, then it would be sensible to opt for rustic wood breakfast nook furniture set, rather than a modern leather or glass pieces. Furniture in retro style can be complemented by suitable lighting and color schemes. Classic designs look really fresh and inviting with flowers. Wooden breakfast nook benched fit perfectly to the Scandinavian design. Some creative breakfast nook decorating ideas will come handy too – a blackboard mounted on the wall behind the bench will be a useful asset to write your shopping list, or sweet messages to the other family members. Be inspired by these adorable kitchen breakfast nook designs and find your own!


kitchen breakfast nooks ideas natural light modern chandelier

A cute kitchen nook in a small niche by the window

small kitchen breakfast nook set benches pendant lantern

 The kitchen nook is separated with an awesome arch

small kitchen breakfast nook ideas wooden table kitchen nook benches

 A sofa for the kitchen nook is a fantastic idea

breakfast nooks ideas sofa chairs round table

A cozy kitchen nook with simple design

small breakfast nook ideas breakfast nook table wood benches

 Modern style corner bench in the kitchen nook

kitchen breakfast nook set corner bench white table

A beautiful kitchen nook with lots of natural light

nook dining set furniture white table chairs kitchen nook benches

 Decorative pillows, matched with the curtains

breakfast nook table ideas round table corner bench armchair

 Kitchen nook set with a glass table

kitchen design ideas breakfast nook idea glass table white kitchen benches

 Modern kitchen design with an elegant nook

modern kitchen breakfast nook table ideas white benches

kitchen nooks ideas breakfast nook set white wood table chairs

kitchen nooks ideas nook dining set white wooden table chairs

kitchen nooks ideas furniture set white benches

kitchen nooks ideas nook furniture square table corner bench

kitchen nooks ideas bench chairs round table

Chic kitchen nook set light wood blue upholstery

kitchen nook table ideas black white benches storage drawers

small kitchen nook table white bench open shelves

breakfast nook set white wood kitchen nook table chairs

breakfast nook ideas breakfast nook table white benches

breakfast nook ideas kitchen nook dining set white table benches red padding

kitchen nook dining set ideas classic corner bench


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